Sunday, December 18, 2016

8 Days Until Christmas

Hurray for the holidays! Mini is finally out of school for winter break. We have the tree up and most of the presents have been bought. I still need to wrap them and plan to do that on Tuesday...after I buy some wrapping paper. 😉

We're spending our "Christmas" at my parent's house on the 22nd, having dinner and opening gifts on Thursday because Hubby has to work on Christmas Day. Of course MiniBeast will have a couple of Santa gifts and a stocking to pick through on Christmas morning, but aside from that, the holiday for us is mostly about gathering with family.

We are especially blessed to have Christmas together as a family this year after everything with Dad's kidney/ bladder cancer. The significance of that is not lost on me. He's officially in remission, and doing very well. We are extremely lucky to have him with us - a fact I don't take for granted.

Christmas blessing #2: Mini is adjusting after receiving a scary asthma diagnosis around Thanksgiving. We have since mastered using the inhaler, so that's one less worry under the tree. As a side note: His friend is having a birthday party this coming week, and I'm trying to fix my schedule so I can drive him to the event. It's going to be a busy Christmas week!

That's all I really had to say. I haven't posted much because...well, life. But then last week, I had an epiphany after I dropped by the livejournal blog of one of my favorite authorly people and discovered that his last post stated he had fallen into a depression and wasn't going to be updating for the forseeable future.

I was devastated to hear that, and to make it worse, the post was from August or thereabouts. I don't blog hop as frequently as I used to, but even having one sentence updates to read from him would've been something. Sort of like when you've been waiting around all day for a text back, and when you finally get a message and it says nothing but "K". It's a curt message, but you're relieved to get it anyway because...well, you really wanted a confirmation. You just wanted to hear back from that person. Sure, the note is short form, but you know what they mean. It's still communication. It's better than nothing. It's better than absolute silence.

Anyway, it made me think about my own blog, and how I've been neglecting it since I usually don't have anything of great purpose to talk about, just what's going on in my life...which is truthfully, rather boring and uneventful. Rather than trying to pull a topic from thin air, I usually just skip blogging altogether. But I guess the point is, when you "take a shine to someone", as my Gran used to say, you just want to hear (or read) their voice. When you miss someone and just want to hear their voice, it doesn't matter too much what they have to say. I decided I didn't want to just dump my old blog like that.

So, I'm going to make it a point to drop in here more often, even if it's just to write a single sentence or add a picture. It's voice. It's proof of life. I can do that much at least: show up. This blog has always been a hodgepodge, so what's one more odd duck blog post, right?  It's better than silence.

That's all for now. (I mean it this time.) It's almost midnight and I still need to jump in the shower. Until next time, ho ho ho, jingle jingle jingle, rum eggnog and all other words, Merry Christmas!  💟


  1. I'm very happy to read that everything is going well with your father and son.


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