Sunday, August 14, 2016

The War of Art...And Writerly Motivation

I've probably talked about The War of Art by Steven Pressfield here on the blog before. It's about writer's resistance and breaking creative blocks. Along with this book, I read Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit (also by Pressfield), which I liked a little more. That said, I'm not sure if it's because it's actually better, or just because I read it first, so I'll leave it at that. What matters is that, at the end of the day, The War of Art is a damn good book.

I'm writing about it today, because of all the motivational writing type books that I've read over the years, this one has probably been the most helpful "kick to the pants" I've received as far as books go.

It's setup like a series of short, to the point essays, which makes it easy to read. Some of the sections are a couple of pages long, while others are as short as a paragraph. The generous mix makes for fast reading, with no padding or filler. It's one of those books you and sit and read half of it in one sitting, then pick it up a day later and polish it off. Compulsive reading. Good stuff.

Other books that are similar that I've liked are Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott) and Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert). Both have their strong points, so I can easily recommend those two. However if you're having trouble simply getting words on the page, I highly recommend The War of Art and Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit, by Steven Pressfield. •

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