Sunday, August 21, 2016

Good Signs, Good Times

School starts this coming week, so yesterday, Hubby and I took Bub and Mini over to Academy Sports to buy new shoes. That in an of itself was mostly uneventful.

We live on the north side of the lake, so on the way to "the city" we have to cross to the south end. Right before we reached the bridge that's not really much of a bridge, Hubz said, "Hey, look what's going on out there." I was so happy to see that the place Miller's Landing is loosely based on is being rebuilt. For those who don't know, Miller's Landing is the Silver County werewolf pack's running grounds in the Werekind Series.

A few years back, the place burned to the ground. I'm not sure if it was accidental or what, but it was sad to see the place in such a state. The owners bulldozed it after it burned and put up a chain gate so no one could drive over there. Probably for safety reasons. For the longest time it looked like they were just going to leave it like that. We've sorely missed the place. Seeing it making a comeback really made my day. I'm glad the owners have decided to rebuild. •  

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