Sunday, December 27, 2015

Get Reddy to Go Heaux (Just kidding! Sort of...)

Two days after Christmas and all through the house...I went to my corner and was quiet as a mouse. Actually, the guys went to see the new Star Wars yesterday. It was supposed to be a Hubz and me date sort of thing, since we agreed not to buy each other gifts this year, but at the last minute, somehow the movie date morphed into an outing for the entire family.

I decided to stay home. Not because I dislike my family, or because I was trying to be a rude bitch to the guys, or anything like that. I just know that if I had gone with the guys, I would've ended up being the group babysitter so everyone else could watch the film and have a good time. My nerves have been too on edge lately to deal with that.

Instead, I had a quiet day at home. I spared no hot water while bathing that morning, I ate the last of the cheesecake for breakfast, cleaned my office, worked on a writing project, and chillaxed with the dogs. It was nice. A rare day where I was alone in the house and didn't have to fix, find, wash, or cook something for someone else. That probably sounds incredibly selfish to say that, but there it is. I regret nothing.

The guys had a good time, too, although they had to deal with a long wait at the theater and poor seating. They loved the movie. Hubz said he wouldn't even mind seeing it a second time. I'm sure he'll rack up plenty of views when it comes out on DVD. Anyway, I won't let them tell me anything about the movie. I'll watch it later.

Another thing I did yesterday that I haven't done in a while... I made a cosmetics order. Two actually. I want to color my hair, but my favorite semi-permanent orange-red dye (Clairol Natural Instints Spiced Tea) has been discontinued/reformulated, so that's a no go. I couldn't find another semi-permanent product similar in color, so I went to Manic Panic's website and ordered a jar of Inferno, and a jar of Wildfire. I'm going to mix them and put it on unbleached hair. Crossing my fingers I get a sheer red-orange tone out of it. We'll have to wait and see.

Also, I ordered a couple of lipsticks from Mac. I bought Enchanter Creamsheen Glass, a Mac Velvetease lip pencil in Reddy to Go, and the 2.0 version of Heaux from the permanent collection. I already have the Heaux retro matte from the RiRi Hearts Mac collection. The 2.0 version is an amplified cream, and I've heard there's a slight color variation because of the different formulation. We'll see. It's my favorite berry red lipstick, so it was worth buying again just to have a spare.

That's what's what for now. I'm working on writerly things, but it's super slow going. It's been hard to concentrate lately what with the holidays and the family drama. In 2016 I've got to do better. I need to actually finish something. Hmm. At least now I know where to start my New Year's resolution. ♥

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