Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas 2015 :: Dreams and Visitations

Dropping in to say Merry Christmas on my blog before the holiday rush. I've hit a sort of post-NaNo writerly dry spell, so instead of punishing myself over it, I've been reading and doing other things. 

I've also been thinking about my Grandma Rose a lot lately. She died in the early 1990s, not long after Oldest boy was born. Christmas was Ma'am Maw's favorite time of year. She would bake homemade fruitcake, listen to Christmas songs on the radio every morning, and throughout the season she'd buy copious amounts of creme drops and chocolate covered cherries because we both loved them. 

I went to bed the other night thinking about her and the Christmas of 1983, which stands out in my mind as the best Christmas ever (I got a Cabbage Patch Kid that year. I was 9. A very special holiday.) That year, Grandma won this drawing at the Dixie Dandy in Ruston for an eight foot tall Christmas stocking. The manager had it hanging above the automatic doors of the grocery store. It was packed full of food, candy, and toys. Grandma, my mom, and the aunts picked it up from the store and they divided it up for all of us grandkids. (Except for the groceries, of course. Would be kind of weird to get a can of creamed corn in your stocking Christmas morning, am I right?) Anyway, Christmas morning was a candy and toy bonanza for all of us. Good times. Like I said, best Christmas ever. 

So I was thinking about that Christmas the other night right before I fell asleep, and I ended up dreaming I was back at Grandma's old house. In the dream, I was the age I am now, no longer a kiddo, but I was staying in my old bedroom from back in the day. The same year of the best Christmas ever, my parents and I briefly lived with my grandparents. We had justed moved back to Ruston from out of state, and we lived with them until we found a new house. 

I dreamed I had a suitcase open on the bed, and I was getting ready to leave. I suppose we were only there visiting, Hubz and me. While packing my clothes, out of the blue, I remembered that there was something important I needed to do. I dropped everything and set off through the house to find my grandparents. I walked through the house, peeked in the den, then went out through the kitchen into the laundry room. I ended up going outside via the open air garage. When I initially stepped into the garage, I realized someone had torn down the lattice facing the street side. The concrete leading up to the garage had been jackhammered into square patterns, and between the blocks, someone had been planting trees with purple blooms on them. 

I walked into the yard to check out what else was under construction, and that's when I saw my grandparents parked in a truck out front, far across the yard, just off the slab of driveway.

I walked out there to talk to them, and to ask them for a ride home for me and Hubz. Pawpaw and Ma'am Maw were both sitting in the truck, which was a black 1963s Chevy C10 stepside, like what my Uncle David used to drive. The truck looked fresh off the showroom floor. Both my grandparents were dressed up in their Sunday best, and I realized as I reached the driver's side door that I had left my clothes in the house. Yes, really, it was an 'I'm naked' dream. Go figure. 

While I talked to them, I was trying to cover myself with my hands, and my hair (which is very long in waking life). Apparently my grandparents had been waiting for me out there. They didn't live in the house anymore. They had arrived to take me and Hubz to the new place, the one that they had prepared for the family. 

Pawpaw opened the door and climbed out of the truck to shake hands with Hubz, then they told me to go inside for my clothes. As I was walking back to the house, past the construction and new floral trees (which were kind of like purple crepe myrtles), I called back over my shoulder for them to wait for me. I didn't want them to leave while I was indoors getting dressed. Immediately after calling out to them, I woke up. 

I've been told before that dreams like that are really a visitation. I like that idea. I also like the idea that there is a place where my grandparents have gone on before me, and that it's a place where I'll be reunited with them one day. It was a good dream, a little sad, but reaffirming. I miss them dearly, and it was good to see them again, even if only in a dream. That's all I really had to say. To remember is to dream while waking.

PS. Before I go, some notable news from yesterday... Brooke McCarter from The Lost Boys passed away. He was only 52. How very sad. I had such a huge crush on him back when the movie first came out. RIP, guy.   

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