Monday, October 05, 2015

Post Craziness Writing and Revising

Today felt almost normal after about a week of spontaneous craziness going on in my world. I even managed to get in a little work on the revisions. I can't remember what day I last opened my files, but when I settled in to start working, I couldn't remember what project folder I'd saved the last two scenes I'd been working on. Yikes!

After digging through a couple of folders, I finally found what I was looking for. Crisis averted. Now I just need to finish polishing what's there and move on to the next chapter...which seems to be taking forever.  

I have an abundance of pet news, which is why I've been absent and not very writerly for the past...oh, probably, two weeks. Squeaky Mama gave birth in our bushes. We brought her inside. She took her kitten back outside. It's been a back and forth battle ever since. Her kitten's eyes are open now, and the little meepit has been stumbling around and trying to follow her mam everywhere. That has kept us all on our toes lately.

Then, if you follow me on FB or Twitter you probably already know, someone dumped off six doxy puppies down the road from us. Cue insane laughter here. The pups found their way to our yard, and not knowing what else to do, we took them in. We had no cardboard boxes, nothing, to put them in, so I gated off the dining room with Mini's old baby gates, and tossed one of JakeDog and SassiePup's old dog beds in there. For a few days our house was puppy madness. Lots of towel washing, floor mopping, puppy scrapping, etc. Jake and Sassie were besides themselves over these pups. JakeDog has abandonment issues, and Sassie is easily stressed, so I had to separate the pups from our dogs. SassiePup was extremely unhappy with me about this. She is my office guardian and lap buddy. Wherever I go in the house, she is right there with me. So, I had to put a gate up across my office door so I could keep her with me in here during the day.

CharlieCat, who is a rescue/stray himself, wasn't happy at all with the puppies. He saw them and decided to have his dinner on the patio. I kept a cozy cat bed in the laundry room on the deep freezer for him to sleep in. Still he's just now feeling comfortable about going into the dining room. It's been a big adjustment for him as well.

Anyway, hubby and I got in touch with the Humane Society, and they took all six doxy pups. We took their towels, toys, a dog bed and Jake's crate and donated all of it, plus some cash to buy dog food and vaccines. We were going to drop by the store for the dog food on the way to the shelter, but they were on a tight schedule and we had to rush. The Human Society was gearing up for a large adoption event, and we thought that was where the pups were going, but it turns out they're all presently being fostered, two pups in three different homes, until they're old enough to be spayed and neutered. Then they'll be up for adoption. I'm so excited about that!  Whoever adopts the little nippers will have a fully vetted, adorable pupkin right from the start. That's more than hubby and I could've hoped to provide for them.

All's well that ends well, as the saying goes. We've pretty much managed to get the house back in order. Now I just need to get my writing back on schedule. Wish me luck. I swear, it's never a dull moment around here.☺


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