Thursday, October 08, 2015

Currently Reading :: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I was on Facebook a couple of days ago, when I came across the lovely Sommer Marsden talking about a fabulous new book she'd read called Big Magic, by author Elizabeth Gilbert. Well, I never pass up a fervent, "you must read this" book recommendation from good friends, so I dashed over to Amazon and bought a copy for my Kindle Fire.

Big Magic is about having the courage to live a creative life, and so far, I am loving this book. The tone, well, really everything about the book so far, resonates with my personality. The author says she imagines ideas are free wandering spirits that come looking for people who are the best possible vessel to bring them into existence. If we're not receptive to the ideas, they go away to find someone else. That's a very clever way to look at it. From that point on, the author had me reeled in. Last night, I stayed up til two in the morning reading this book, and I'm looking forward to reading more tonight.

Big Magic was roughly $12 for the Kindle version, and isn't part of the Kindle Unlimited program. The physical book in hard cover costs just a few dollars more, around $13.50, estimated. If I had more patience, I'd have bought a print copy, but... I'm weak. I have zero patience when it comes to waiting for books, so I nabbed the Kindle version. By the way, I did pay for this book out of pocket, and receive nothing in exchange for passing on the good word.

To check out the book's listing online, or to buy a copy for yourself, you can find Big Magic on Amazon here: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear (Not an affiliate link.) Happy reading! ☺

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