Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dog-like Typing Detected: 999

I have some lovely news to share today. I met my #85kOrBust target goal, and I even had a couple hundred words of overage. Hurray! The big book of hot mess is technically completed, all the scenes are in place, but I'm still adding to it here and there. Fleshing it out more, etc., and giving it a couple of resting days before I print it up and start with the read through.

After I hit target yesterday, I allowed myself a little free writing. I haven't done that in a couple of months. I ended up with a complete story summary for a ghostly novel geared toward the ya market. If I decide to do anything with it, I'm going to need a pen name. I haven't given it much thought, yet, though.

This morning, I began working on another summary, but then I had to take a short break. I left my office for about five minutes, and when I came back, JakeDog had jumped into my chair and added his two bits to my story. What did he type?  999

Jake loves to hit the keys and mouse to my computer. All the pets nap around my feet while I'm in my office during the day, so he sees me typing often. I think he likes the clicking noises. Sort of like when you see videos of dogs playing and howling to the family piano while the owners are away. They've seen their owners playing many times and like the noise. I have to make sure my laptop is put away before leaving the house, because Jake will get crafty while I'm gone. I worry he'll knock it to the floor and damage it while tapping away.

At any rate, his dog-like typing is usually a string of nonsense letters. That very controlled looking 999 had me doing an internet search. Because I'm superstitious, curious, and I like stuff that could be interpreted as omens, or what have you. I ended up over at the Angel Numbers blog, and Joanne Sacred Scribes says Jake's numerical message means I need to "devote [myself] to [my] life's mission without delay."

How cool is that? I'm on it! ☺

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