Friday, August 28, 2015

The First 40

It's official. As of today, I've been alive for four decades. I'm sure my guardian angel is somewhere out back having a smoke break and bracing himself for the next forty years of my life journey. Poor beast, I've already put him through the wringer.

Today was a relaxing around the house kind of day. Hubz called around noon, and Bub and I met him at the Panda for a quick lunch. In the morning, Hubz is picking up the cakes, and we're all going to make a trip to my Mom and Dad's house. Tomorrow Bub is turning the big 2-4, so we're having a combined birthday party and cookout with the family.

As for writerly updates, I'm 3k away from the minimum safe word count for my novel, and it's getting harder and harder to find the words. All the scenes are in place. Some scenes are still just sketched in. I keep going back, tacking on thoughts here and there, firming up connections between scenes and characters.

It's all coming together, but I'm under no illusions. The draft is a mess. It's going to need a lot of revision. Some scenes will need to be completely rewritten. That said, I've given it a good go. I started writing (this incarnation) of the book in June. So, this draft is a three month-er. I'm satisfied with that.

Earlier I made a bullet point list of stuff I needed to add in, but even that has been slow going. I'm reaching for ideas at this point, and that's a good sign. Every time I make a new list, it's shorter and shorter, which tells me, for the most part, the core story is already there on the page.

That's the latest news. Tomorrow is a family day. I don't know yet if I'll be tackling the remaining 3k after the cookout, or if I'll be waiting to jump into it again on Sunday. We will see. Tomorrow is technically Bub's day, so I will likely go along with whatever he wants to do. There's no need to rush to the ending. Besides, we only get so many birthdays, and they're meant to be shared with the people who matter most. 

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