Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Writing Guides Geared Toward Category Romance

Hi, all. The title pretty much states the obvious. This is meant to be a fast and dirty list of writing guides that focus on category romance craft, or guides that have large sections (more than 20 pages) that focus on the mechanics of the genre.

Category romances tend to take a lot of crap from people who don't read romance, but the reality is it's not easy to put together a short romance, and category series writing is one tough market to break into. But you know what's even harder? Finding quality craft books that focus specifically on category romance writing. That's my aim here. To list the books I've found helpful when researching the genre.

I welcome suggestions and recommendations for the list, but I won't add a book until I've had time to read it cover to cover to verify what's covered. This will help keep the list from becoming watered down. Feel free to recommend books in the comments, or via email. (There's a contact form on my website www.corazane.com)

Featured Guides for Writing Category Romance: 
Note: A couple of these books are in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you're a KU subscriber, you'll be able to read them for free.

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