Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twitter Bonanza :: Manuscript Wish List :: 2015

Last night I was in a lot of pain, so I had trouble sleeping. Hubby woke me up around 5:30 to say goodbye as he left for work, and I was in too much pain to go back to sleep, so I relocated to my office and began the "daily rounds" online. I had my wip open, wrote one scene, then went online to check my Twitter, FB, and Neopets - yes, really.

I ended up on Twitter first and saw all my writerly people buzzing about #mswl. I had no idea what it was, so I investigated. It's an event where editors and agents tweet what their manuscript wish lists are. That's the gist of it. No pitches allowed.

Instead of being productive or going back to bed, I sat through the wishlist from pre-event til well after it was over. I made note of things I thought my friends might be interested in, so I could pass the info along, and I was also looking around for places to submit my latest novel. I didn't find a single taker for vampires, and very few for general paranormal. There were a few horror calls, but as exciting as that was, the event was kind of a bust for me. A treasure trove for the YA / MG set, though.

For a complete archive of the event, you can go to twitter and type #mswl in search, or you can go to ManuscriptWishList.com  I posted the crib sheet version on my Facebook page for any friends who couldn't be there due to work or school. I'll add the images below. Click 'em to make 'em larger.

I had really hoped to find someone looking for more paranormal/supernatural/horror/crime/urban suspense, but the end results were very limited. I did find two interesting agencies I may send my novel to, but in the meantime, I'm going to keep searching. 

As I said above, the event was largely middle grade and YA focused, but I kept sticking around to try to get the biggest variation of information possible. If YA or MG happens to be your genre, you're in luck, because almost everyone there was wanting some form and fashion of it. I highly recommend going to the #mswl thread on twitter and poking around, or go straight to the website and start doing searches for your subgenres. There are a lot of submission opportunities out there. 

Now that the day is done, I'm going to take a pain killer, write another scene, then curl up in bed and watch a movie. Until next time... ♥♥♥


  1. I remember back when I did interviews on our old blog, and the one question I would always ask was when they thought the paranormal hay ride would come to an end. I think that day has pretty much come. Always will be hard core fans of the sub-genre, but I think it's done. Having said that, I think YA para and fantasy still has legs, but it's hard enough to write for adults and NA. I can't go back that far in my head. lol Hope you're feeling better and whatever was giving you pain is gone. ((hugs))

  2. I agree, paranormal romance has cooled off. A couple years ago at a conference, I was sitting with one of the agents and chatting about the market. While she was still looking for paranormal, the popularity had already begun to wane. She was looking for paranormal YA. Right now, YA and MG is the hot ticket, but I have zero desire to write for either target group. The last two major online sessions I sat through was a huge grab for YA of all kinds. Pretty much, if someone is writing it, and writing it well enough, they can keep sending it out and eventually it will hit. I never got into the NA, but I'm still seeing requests for it. Not as much as in the beginning, but that's better than nothing. It's starting to get shuffled in with YA, and I think it will eventually get swallowed up by that category entirely. The other surprise hot item right now is upmarket fiction. That's out of range of expertise. So, I'm back to writing what I was writing in the 1990s, supernatural / quiet horror with strong romantic elements. It may never sell, but at least I like what I'm writing. What ever happened to your cozy mysteries? I hear that category is still going strong, especially when the books have series potential.

  3. Yes, I heard from other writers (who write paranormal romances) as well that the demand for paranormal has cooled down. But I must say that my friends and I (and many other readers) are still very excited when a new book is coming out from someone like Nalini Singh (read vampires, angels, shapeshifters). So even when the paranormal popularity isn't so high anymore like a few years back the 'diehard' fans still wants them :)


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