Thursday, July 16, 2015

Moonlight and Shadows :: Available Now at Smashwords

Woohoo! Moonlight and Shadows is available now at Smashwords. 

About the ebook: 
Two Werekind packs teeter on the edge of war. Someone has killed the Istvaan alpha, and Sylvie won't rest until justice is served. Forced into a meeting with her greatest rival, she's shocked to discover her mate is none other than the Dartega pack assassin, Erik. 

Sylvie realizes she'll never be able to claim him as her own, but there are other, more important things to do than mourn a broken heart. The mating moon is rising in a few days, and someone is trying to kill her. She needs to lie low, but Erik is on her trail. He has waited a long time to find her, and pack affiliations mean nothing to a man on the hunt for his one true mate.

Moonlight and Shadows is an expanded rerelease for readers 18+. Contains violence and graphic sex. Genre: erotica / paranormal romantic suspense

Reviews for Moonlight and Shadows...
Moonlight and Shadows - " paced, erotic, and action packed..."  - Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

Praise for Moonlight and Shadows. "Ms. Zane's werewolf stories are always impossible to put down, but she has really outdone herself with this one." - Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio 

Moonlight and Shadows - "sexy shifters with a meaty plot" - L.T Blue, 5 stars from JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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