Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For His Brother's Wife by Kathie DeNosky

Forbidden romance alert! I've loved every title I've ever picked up by Kathie DeNosky, and as soon as I saw For His Brother's Wife on the store shelves, I knew I had to read it. Just check out that blurb!

For His Brother's Wife by Kathie DeNosky

The tornado that tore apart Royal, Texas, ripped Paige Richardson's world to shreds. She lost her husband, and she expected her husband's twin, construction tycoon Colby Richardson, to offer a shoulder to lean on. But instead, he's distant. Why? What happened to the closeness they once shared?  

For years, Cole has kept his distance, but now he's staying on Paige's ranch while he helps the town rebuild. It's only a matter of time before the feelings—and secrets—he's hidden all come to the surface.

I purchased my copy from Walpurgis Mart a few days ago, so its still on store shelves out here in the sticks. You can also pick up a copy at, Books A Million, Amazon, and at other book retailers. It's definitely worth a read! 

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