Friday, February 13, 2015

Words to Burn

So where was I?  I go away for a while to take care of things; then, I come back to the blog and I can't remember what was the latest, most interesting thing to happen to me.

Well, I'll kick it off right where I'm standing, I guess, and go backward from there.

I'm presently in the middle of revision hell. It's one of those stories I don't know whether I want to go on with it, or kill it with fire. And, yes, I do mean kill the whole idea and everything. I like the idea, but the execution needs work. A hell of a lot of work. For the moment, I'm sticking with it because I have nothing else in hand. Besides, the novel is about 65k, and that's a lot of work to scrap on a whim.

Speaking of scrapping a ton of desktop computer, which I've used for the past three or four years, finally bit the dust. It happened rather unexpectedly. The hard drive up and died on me, and I can't tell you what kind of a nightmarish pain that's been. From the moment I took that machine out of the box, it would choke whenever I tried to back it up. It never once successfully completed a backup. It also supposedly came with wifi, but no amount of detection or file hunting could find the drivers. I tried to find downloadable drivers from Acer, but I simply never could get that comp to connect wirelessly without an external adapter...and I burned through two of them. The Acer was never a perfect piece of machinery, but I maintained it well and fully expected it to last far longer than it did. For instance, my original Inspirion notebook from 2008 still works. The screen scrambles from time to time (ribbon issues), but it's a clean machine and will still boot up for games and such.

So, yes, as you can imagine, I lost a ridiculous amount of data in the Acer's hard drive crash. Old manuscripts, current manuscripts, pictures, book covers, just a shit ton of stuff I wanted to keep. I've completely unplugged the tower, and later this year, I'm going to attempt a data recovery. In the meantime, I'm working from print outs and scraps that I saved on my phone. I've written a good chunk of my last two stories directly on my phone, and I'm glad of it now. I emailed those pieces to myself, so after the crash, they were still sitting in my inbox. I've since downloaded them. I've also mined my Dropbox for bits and pieces. Sadly, I didn't have a lot of writerly things saved there. Dropbox really saved me when it came to pictures, though. Covers and manuscripts, not so much.

Anyway, I was without a comp for a few days after the crash, but I've since bought an HP 15 laptop. Flyer red. It was a cheap laptop, but so far I am loving it. HP has managed to impress me with this little machine. It had hardly any bloatware for starters. That was a big plus for me. It also came with a short time McAfee coverage right out of the box, so there was no gap between start up and coverage. I managed to get my Office 2013 subscription activated with no trouble, and the machine has a stock re-writable DVD drive. (I probably won't use that much.) Windows 8 took a little getting used to, but it's not as intimidating as I expected it to be. The laptop also came with 15 gbs of lifetime cloud storage, which is where I'll be saving my manuscripts from now on. I've already set up most of the necessary software for bookmaking, but I'm going to have to re-download Gimp and before I can do any covers, memes, or artwork.

Along with computer and writing issues, I've also had a few health issues crop up. I'm still waiting for test results from the doctor. I went in on Wednesday because I have a swollen lymph node, and while there, the doctor told me he suspects I have an autoimmune disease. The most likely candidate is Sjogren's Syndrome. He said if it's not that, then it's probably one of two other candidates. I can't remember the names he mentioned. At any rate, none of those options are appealing. I should know for sure in a couple of days. Wondering and worrying about it has made it hard to focus, so instead of doing what I need to do, I've been gaming far too much on Facebook. If you play Gala Stories, send me a request. We can spam each other with showdown notifications.

That's all for now. I'm about to take my laptop into the bedroom so I can toss my papers around all over the bed. Does anyone else do that, I wonder? Take all your printed pages and lay them out all over the bed and swap them around? The bed is my favorite place in the house to work. Make of that what you will.☺ Until next time, happy wishes!☺

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