Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holly Days :: Holidays :: Holly Daze

It's the holly-days!  I'm very glad of that because I've been needing a break. Desperately. There has been so much stressful stuff going on lately that there are days I just want to resign myself to never leaving the house again. Seriously, with each new stressful thing that crops up and lands on my shoulders, becoming a shut-in begins to sound better and better. Peaceful, most importantly. Maybe once 2014 is over things will iron themselves out. If not, maybe I should start shopping around for wilderness real estate. You know, so I have a place to run screaming.  

The fall semester ended on December 9th, and presently I have a 4.0 gpa. Just think, I need only 48 more credit hours to graduate. (crazed laughter) I planned to attend the spring semester, but I'm presently out of financial aid. It's all good though because I really need to take care of a few things before I dive back into the academic fray. It will likely be summer before I can afford another class, but I'm not too worried about it. In the meantime I've picked up my writing again.

That's it for now. Merry Christmas and Happy Yule. Ooh, now that I think about it, I have a lot of holiday prep to get to - baking, shopping, wrapping. I still haven't bought any presents for hubby. He wants a Keurig, and all the trappings that go with it. Anyway, I digress. Wherever you are, and however you celebrate - I wish you a lovely holiday.  

Before I go, today's pic is my Christmas gift from Oldest, who is still stationed in Bahrain. He sent me the kitty cat mug with matching spoon. Sniff, sniff. He knows me so well. I miss the big guy bunches.

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