Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Hand Turkey Day!

Bizarre Thanksgiving Postcard courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
Happy Thanksgiving! 

It's been a busy holiday week for me. Aside from family festivities, this is study week leading up to finals. I've taken my History 201 final already, so that's one thing off my list; however, I still have several classes left to deal with. Starting on Monday, Dec. 1st and running through Dec. 9th, I will be testing for my remaining classes. I'm so ready to get it over with, but even after finals are done, I won't be getting a break. I'll be right back in class on Dec. 10th, since that's when the winter term begins. It's a very short term, but it's going to be intense. Each class lasts about three hours a day. The upside is that it only lasts for fifteen days, and with a big break for Christmas and New Year smack in the middle of it. I'm crossing my fingers I can keep up!

Tomorrow we're going to my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving dinner. Like I said on Facebook, I'll probably eat too much then crawl onto one of mom's couches and fall asleep watching TV. I don't plan to do any Black Friday shopping, so I'll probably spend the late afternoon moving back and forth between studying and editing. In the midst of all this schoolwork, I'm trying to write a novella. Easier said that done. But that's a story for another day. 

Again, I hope you have a lovely Hand Turkey Day. It's shortly after one in the morning - I probably should get to bed. Until next time, happy wishes!

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