Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Dogs, One Dog Bed

Sassie and Jake wallowed their enormous pillow-style dog bed flat as a pancake. How did they accomplish this?

They would both try to take up as much space as possible on the pillow bed. Doing so keeps the other dog from having more room on the pillow, you see? To acquire more room than the other dog, they each wallow on it like pigs in mud. Whoever can stretch out the furthest wins more space.

Apparently this process is so much fun, CharlieCat decided to start participating in the wallowing contest as well. Three wallowing animals led to the inevitable collapse of the bed fibers. When I picked the bed up to move it, it had the density of a deflated balloon.

I haven't had a chance to pick up new Polyfill for the bed, which has a zippered inner and outer case so you can restuff it periodically. I'm estimating it will take roughly four bags just to get the bed to a decent "fluff" volume.

Now that the pillow bed is put away (until I can restuff it), Jake has begun sleeping in Mini's bean bag chair. Sassie whines about him stealing the chair, mostly because she has nowhere comfy to go. Yesterday, I decided to make a box bed for Sass to help her out. That way, Jake could have the chair, and Sass would have a comfy box to stretch out in while I'm doing my homework.

Behold, the results....

Jake - Box Bed
Sassie - Beanbag Chair

I do not understand dog logic.

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