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Featured Author Samantha Lucas talks about Self-Publishing her book, Sanctuary

Featured Author Samantha Lucas talks about self-publishing her non-fiction book, Sanctuary 

I have been a story teller since birth, a writer since I was 8, a published author for nearly a decade now and an indie author for nearly a year and I have to say, this is absolutely my favorite season of this journey.

Sanctuary was my first foray into non-fiction and it challenged me in a different way than anything I’ve done in my life, in part because the content was so personal and in part because I knew people needed what I was writing. I knew my words had the power to change lives.

For those not familiar with the term Twin Flame, also known as twin souls, it’s believed to be the meeting of the literal other half of your soul. Only it’s not simply a wonderful romantic fairy tale, this relationship will tear you open and make you face yourself in a way you’ve never had to before. When I went through it, it was the greatest love I’d ever know, but also more pain than I’d ever felt and for people within the twin flame experience, we quite simply get lost in it at times. I just wanted to write something that would act as a light, give you something you could actually do during all this to help you keep going.

Since the book has been available, I’ve received so much positive mail full of heartfelt thanks that I know everything I went through, both in my twin flame experience and in writing this book was worth it.

People have been asking me why I went with self-publishing though, and truthfully, I’m not sure I would have, had I not tested the waters at the end of last year with a few erotic romances I wrote.

I wrote two books entirely from the hero’s point of view that weren’t a good fit with my usual publishers so I said what the heck, I’ll give self-publishing a try and see what happens. They were both very well received, in fact out selling a lot of my work at publishing houses, so I had the confidence to try again with this book.

Honestly, I feel the same way about self-publishing as I did about e-books and erotic romance a decade ago. Oh back then it so wasn't respectable to be e-published. If you didn't have an agent, if you weren't in a brick and mortar bookstore, you weren't really an author. There was a ton of prejudices against those of us with e-books, a lot of that based on the old vanity presses. E-books weren't vanity presses though, and it was a changing market. I'm a bit of a rebel and back then e-books were like the Wild West. Yes there were a lot of publishers who'd take any old crap, but there were also a ton of exceptionally talented writers finally finding a place for their voice in the marketplace.

I basked in the freedom of that time and a lot of my earlier work was very experimental as I figured out what it was I really wanted to write. We original e-book authors were of a different stock, and while our vanity still craved the big three book print deal with one of the big NYC publishing houses, we were learning all that really mattered was building a relationship with a loyal stock of readers. I love my loyal readers and appreciate them more than almost anything in the world. Now that I've ventured into self-publishing, they are literally the most important thing to my career and I recognize and respect that.

Self-publishing was a risk, there's no doubt about that, but I feel the same way about it as I did about e-books back in the day, it's a scary frontier, but it’s the right place to be.

Self-publishing for me is about needing to tell stories, needing an audience, and needing to combine the two in as few steps as possible. I can finish (polished and revised) a story and have it available to my readers the same day! With e-books you're looking at about 3 to 6 months and with traditional print, sometimes it can be as much as two years before your beloved story sees the hands of readers.

For me, I think what I love best, is I get to stick with a story from concept to publish, release it, then do it again. Where with other publishing, you finish, you submit, you wait, you start another story, you get edits back, you need to switch gears, then remember where you were in the other story... then second round of edits come in... then there's promotion... what was I working on again?

My ADD brain really appreciates the continuity that self-publishing allows me.

I've spent most of the last decade finding myself, building my life on my terms and deciding what's important to me. I want success in my career, but I want it on my terms, plain and simple. I'm a smart, talented woman who works her ass off every day and I have all the faith in the world in what I do and the choices I'm making right now to proceed with self-publishing.

As the trend grows, we welcome more and more voices to the fold as well. There are some big named authors going with self-pub these days and thing is, I think this is one of the best things to happen to readers in forever. There is no longer some faceless corporation deciding what we want to read and what we don't. I would highly recommend, if you haven't already, check out some of these indie authors and their stories that are now available without corporate sanitization. There's some amazing work out there and I hope my work will rise to the top with the cream as well.


Sanctuary is a 30 day guide with meditations, affirmations and guidance to help you navigate your twin flame experience. 

Samantha has written something that is easy to read, pulling from her own knowledge and experience to help you with this amazing, and sometimes incredibly painful, journey. 

Each day has a mantra, either a meditation or an affirmation, and a look at crystals and stones that will help you open and balance your chakras as well as resonate with the higher energy of divine love. 

She finishes each day with a personal message of light and love where she shares her own experience and lessons learned along the way in the hopes of enlightening, encouraging and inspiring anyone walking the path of twin flames. 

Wherever you are on your twin flame journey, you can't afford to miss the insight and wisdom this little book has to offer.  

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