Sunday, June 01, 2014

Doing the 50k Dance, Formatting Realities, and An Upcoming Guest

Last week I signed up for a fast draft, book in a month workshop to finish my category cowboy romance. It's...working. I hit the 50k mark yesterday, which is the minimum word count requirement for the line I'm targeting. I'm jazzed this sucker is finally picking up momentum. My goal is to have this book completed, revised, edited, and submission ready by the end of July.

I really wish I could afford to join a group like this for every new book I set out to write. The motivation of writing within a group helps. Accountability helps, especially when I don't have any concrete deadlines to keep me on track. Just saying.

Moving along... Wicked Obsession is about ready to be sent off for formatting. I've decided to pay to have the book formatted instead of doing it myself, because I've discovered just how much better a pro formatter can make a book look than I can. There really is no comparison. My formatting is basic at best, and I can never get Word 2010 to anchor images properly.

A few days ago, I uploaded a sparkly fresh (and totally updated) version of A Trick of Light to Smashwords. I hired L.K. Campbell of  LK Design and Formatting to handle the interior for me, and it was worth every penny. She is very good at what she does, and her prices are affordable for authors on a budget (which I am). After seeing the end product, I believe it's definitely worth paying someone else to do the formatting. Not only does it save me time and the headache of tackling the job myself, outsourcing that step results in a much better looking interior. So says me.

That pretty much covers all the business-y things going on for me at the moment. I'm actively trying to write new material and whittle away at my backlist. One more thing before I go...

I hope you'll drop by the blog on Monday, when author Samantha Lucas will be guest blogging about her non-fiction book, Sanctuary: A 30 Day Guide to help you Navigate Your Twin Flame Experience.

Are you single? Looking for your twin flame?  Interested in learning more about ways to navigate your relationship? Stop by and check out what Samantha Lucas has to say about her book, Sanctuary.

That's all the news for now. Time for me to crawl back into the writing cave. I hope your weekend has been a pleasant one. Until next time, happy wishes!

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