Saturday, May 10, 2014

In the very busy month of May

The merry merry month of May is officially the very very busy month of May for me. I've had a lot of running and businessy things to take care of lately, so I haven't been blogging or on social media very much. Rest assured, I read and answer every message and/or email you send as soon as I get it.

My grandmother is losing her battle with cancer, so I'm driving my mother to Texas to see her toward the end of the month, after I settle my taxes.

One of the businessy things I was talking about... Hubby's former employer jerked us around for months about his W-2, and we actually thought we were going to have to file our taxes without it. Talk about a nightmare. It sent my stress levels through the roof. But finally, his employer gave in, and now we have all the documents we need to file. We just have to wait for our appointment date, then we can take of it. Still, we are very behind schedule on everything, and I'm lucky to have a full head of hair left. It's a miracle I haven't pulled it all out during these past few very stressful months.

There are three family birthdays this month. Today is actually my dad's birthday - Happy birthday, Daddy! And we're closing in on the end of the school year for Mini. Hurray and cheers to that.

Through it all, I've been writing and editing daily. I'm deep in the editing cave these days. The print edition of A Trick of Light is almost ready for release, and Wicked Obsession - one of my Immortal Lovers vampire novels - is almost ready to be uploaded to Smashwords. I think it needs one more editing pass to clear the gates. Wicked Obsession will also be coming out in paperback, but I don't have a release date for that yet.

The Werekind books... oh my goodness. I have so much work to do on this series to get them ready for release. I have to commission all new covers for both ebook and print releases. I'm currently expanding Crossing Borders, and I have Gemma's story on my editing stack. The Under a Midnight Moon trilogy (Under A Midnight Moon, Feral Instinct, and Chasing Moonlight) is going to be printed together in paperback, but the stories will also be available individually on Smashwords. I'm not convinced yet that it would be worth my investment to put them on Kindle, unless it's in a bundle. I'm still debating it. We'll see.

Anyway, that's just the beginning for the series books. I still have to re-edit and format the other books. I'm working my way through my entire backlist, and I'll be perfectly honest with ya, it takes time to sort these books out. I'll post more about that as things progress.

Coming up this month, I'll be doing either a post or a video here on the blog about CreateSpace matte vs. glossy covers. I haven't found a whole lot of information about the differences. So, if you're interested in hearing about the different cover types, keep checking back. I'll probably have that post up next week.

There's still quite a bit of time left to register, I just wanted you to know I'll be giving a workshop on Critical Reading for Writers at Savvy Authors in July. Bring your unfinished or finished writing project of any length or genre, and you'll be able to analyze and markup your piece throughout the workshop as we go through the lessons. It's going to be interactive and fun. I'll be around to answer all your question, so I hope you'll join me in July!

That's what I got going on at the moment. I try to pop in at Facebook and Twitter at least once a day, because I do get messages at both sites, but like I said earlier, my social media use is way down at the moment. I have a contact form on my website should you need to get in touch with me for whatever reason. At any rate, I'm still scuttling along, doing my thing. ;o)

That's it for now. Until next time, happy wishes!

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