Monday, May 12, 2014

Crossing Borders Expansion and CreateSpace

Ever since I got the rights back on most of my ebooks, I've been mildly freaking out about revising the old stories for re-release. Without a doubt, it's a lot of work just to update a story. Then once you get into buying stock art for books covers, or paying to someone to make a cover for you, plus professional editing (if you can find afford it) and formatting for the interior, the costs start adding up. I try to do as much of the work as possible to keep the cost down, but there are some things I feel better about when I let someone else handle it. At the end of the day I'm only human, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to put out the best book possible. I go to bed thinking about books, and I wake up still thinking about them. I guess that's just the way my writer's brain works. Write, edit, worry, repeat.

I think there are eight stories left to tackle in my backlist. It makes my head spin just thinking about it. Through it all, I'm also working very hard to write new material. There are many days that go by where I've spent time on so many different things it honestly feels like I've accomplished nothing at all. Or even worse, it feels like my best isn't good enough. I know it's not true in both cases, but...well, it is what it is. I've repeatedly thought about retiring the old books altogether, it would be kind of nice to start over from scratch, but I have a sizable backlist and I don't like the idea of retiring that much work all at one time.

I updated and uploaded the new edition of Wave Rider in April, and I'm mostly happy with it. It's currently available on Smashwords and Amazon. I've been asked why I started reworking the backlist by tackling that story, and here's the deal. I decided I better start out small and move on to the bigger books until I got a better handle on what I'm doing. Anyway, uploading Wave Rider took some fear out of the process. Some. 

I'm currently proofing Wicked Obsession in prep for release on Smashwords, and just this afternoon I finished writing the expansion for Crossing Borders. The expansion has eight? new scenes to Crossing Borders? Whatever the case, it's a big change. Lots of work, like I said, but I like the new direction the story has taken. I didn't set out to boost the word count 100% or anything like that, I simply wanted to address a few things that I've received questions about over years regarding that story. I tried to smooth out some of the tension between Laney and her brother, Seth, and I gave Cole and Laney more page time to better "cement" their love for one another.

I'll be releasing this version of Crossing Borders in both ebook and print, and gradually all the other stories in the Werekind series will be receiving the same treatment. But first things first - revisions. Then edits. Then proofs. Oh my.

Speaking of proofs...I have one more story to read in the print version of A Trick of Light. Once I've worked my way through that one, I'll be ready to submit the final document and hit the "publish" button. Very exciting!

One more thing before I close. This week, I'll be posting about the glossy vs. matte covers available through CreateSpace. I'll also be talking a little bit about the issues I had with the CreateSpace cover builder. If you have an questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to tackle them when the cover post is live.

Until next time...happy wishes!  

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