Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bad Kitty...Never Say Never

One of the sexiest stories I've written to date is a flash fiction piece I wrote specifically for Never Say Never, Alison Tyler's lush new guide for lovers. My micro story, Bad Kitty, appears on page 112, and it revolves around two lovers playing on the theme of a master correcting his "pet".

A great deal of inspiration for Bad Kitty came from the latex fetish community as it's represented online and in the media. Women, and sometimes men as well, will dress up in leather and/or latex "cat couture" (primarily costume ears, tail, claws, and a latex body suit) then take on cat-like mannerisms to please their lover. Some of the cat-like mannerisms including biting, clawing, seductive stretching, walking on all fours, and licking one's arms (or their lover) to mimic the way a cat grooms itself and other cats. Some couples collar and leash their "pet", make them drink from saucers on the floor, and even provide special toys and sleeping spaces for their "kitty".

As shocking as feline role play may seem to an outsider, the practice of dressing up in cat-inspired clothing is nothing new. Cats have been venerated throughout the ages, so it should come as no surprise that fashion has borrowed heavily from the revered feline. Women today can be seen on the streets wearing leopard and tiger print clothing, cat eye liner, cat suits, cat eye glasses, hats and hoodies with cat ears, cat paw mittens, and "kitten" heels. Halloween and party stores provide sexy cat costumes in every imaginable pattern, color, and fabric. The list of cat themed attire goes on and on.

Dressing up in cat ears and a tail has been popular for decades. Feline fetish divas have appeared in television shows, cartoons, crawling through music videos, and back flipping their way through movies. Who can forget pouty sexpot Michelle Pfeiffer dressed in that stitched vinyl catsuit in Batman Returns? Her bold entrance had fans captivated at first "Meow".

A sensual, sultry tone and mood is what I have attempted to capture in Bad Kitty. More than that, I have attempted to present feline dress-up and role play as a way for a couple to mix it up in the bedroom. On both accounts, I hope I have succeeded.

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