Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Trick of Light...Now in Print

A Trick of Light is now available in print on CreateSpace. It will be available on Amazon proper in a couple of days, and I'll go around and update the links. The back of the book reads as follows: 

A Trick of Light is a collection of four supernatural short stories. Find out how an old letter puts a woman face to face with a spectral train. Read the lost diary of a family man forced to make difficult choices in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Witness a rebel angel's final battle against one of his own kind. A Trick of Light...where nothing is quite as it seems.

This is my first CreateSpace book, and I have to admit I'm hooked. I'm not entirely crazy about their cover builder for many reasons, but there is nothing to say you have to use it. Overall, there are so many good sides to having this kind of service. It's really fantastic. 

If anyone came to me and asked me if I'd recommend CreateSpace for self-publishing, I'd definitely say yes. Do it. If you've thought about self-publishing, but you've hesitated because it seemed too complicated or seemed to have too many steps, or that the process to produce a professional product is too difficult, or you were worried you might not like the result (I'm listing all the reasons I hesitated for so long!), I can honestly say it is worth it. And there is no reason you have to do all the steps yourself. You can hire someone to edit, to format, to create your cover. In the end, what matters is that you have a book in hand. It's worth it. 100%. I swear on my grave it is.

Wicked Obsession is next on my list to go to CreateSpace. I thought it would be harder to deal with because it's novel length, but it's actually been the book that has needed the least amount of work. I'm already working on the formatting. I changed had to convert the file from pdf to a word document, so throughout the text there are words pushed together and page numbers scattered throughout. I'm about 65% finished with the cleanup and it will be ready to go to a professional for formatting. I anticipate it being ready for release in June. 

I'm almost finished with the Crossing Borders expansion (for ebook release) as well. Slowly but surely, it's all coming together. Scary, but exciting at the same time. If nothing else can be said for the experience, it's definitely an interesting time to be involved in writing and publishing.   

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