Friday, April 25, 2014

Ghost Cats

Ghost Cats painting hanging in my office.

Hurray for Friday! This week has been...challenging. That's putting it mildly. But things are looking up. Hubby managed to wrangle a W2 out of his former employer, so we'll now be able to have our taxes prepared. What a relief. We've made an appointment to have the taxes taken care of, and I have all the paperwork ready to go.

Also, this morning, MiniBeast woke up and started gabbing about the book fair going on at school. There's a Minecraft book he wants to buy. I told him not to worry if the staff is still out of copies (they are supposed to restock today). If he can't nab a copy, we will order one off of Amazon. I'm just happy he wants to read something. Those who know about the earlier AR fiasco and Mini's declaration of "Mom, I hate reading" will understand why this turn around has made my day.

Speaking of making my day... I received several pretties in the mail today. I received my Never Say Never contributor copies. Yay! They are so gorgeous. Starting in May, there is going to be a Never Say Never Blog Tour. I'll be blogging about the inspiration for my extremely smutty micro story "Bad Kitty" on the 18th. Meow.

While I'm on the topic of books, I managed to get A Trick of Light uploaded to CreateSpace yesterday. That was not fun. I'm not even gonna kid ya about that. But it was my first time dealing with CreateSpace, so I'm declaring it a success. I'm waiting for the proofs to arrive so I can do a quality check. Can you tell I'm excited about it? (Hint: I'm very excited!) At any rate, the print edition will be available in May. Woot! That's one less book on my to be revised/edited/uploaded stack. ☺

Now my big bonus happy for today... Hubby gave me the okay to buy an early Mother's Day gift, and it arrived a few hours ago. I bought a painting from Billy Martin, aka author Poppy Z. Brite, called Ghost Cats. It's beautiful. My iPod photo doesn't do it justice. The colors are amazing. The first time I saw the painting online, the black cat lured me in. I know it's a cat, but it reminds me of my Chancey dog, which crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2008.

I've had so many dreams over the years where Chancey Bear has shown up to comfort me. Usually, I'll see him out of the corner of my eye, or from a distance. There's this one dream I had about him that really stands out. I wrote it down here on the blog, but I've done a few searches and can't find it. I'll link it up later, if I manage to come across it again.

Anyway, in that dream, I was walking on a red dirt road near my aunt's house in Texas, when I turned and saw Chance standing there watching me. I was thrilled to see him, then I realized he must've come for Kinz, who at the time, wasn't doing so well. I ran inside to tell hubby that Chance had come home, and Chance followed me inside. We all petted and hugged him, but then I tried to hold on to him in order to "hold him to this world", I guess you could say. He wouldn't let me, and I knew it was because he couldn't stay. After a few minutes, he wiggled out of my arms, and as he raced out the door, his fur turned white.

After I woke up from that dream of Chancey, I knew it wouldn't be much longer for my Kinzey dog. I was right. He passed away a few days later. I still hold on to the belief that Chancey Bear came home to walk him across the rainbow bridge. It makes letting them go a lot easier.

When I saw Ghost Cats painting, I had to have it. For me, it's a painting of Chancey Bear, my guardian angel pup, with one foot in each world while he watches over me.  

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