Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Android "Kiss of Life" Blog and Contest

Hi everyone! Today I'm celebrating 9 Years of Sommer! I'm over at Sommer Marsden's blog talking about my ebook How to Date an Android.

About the story...

In a world run by androids, Caitlyn Quincy is one of a few humans still living in the city. Most days she stays to herself, processing invoices in a small shop selling relics from the past.

Milo Swain spots Caitlyn, and it's sparks at first sight. He's never experienced such a strong physical reaction to anyone. He'd love to get to know her, but Caitlyn has no idea how to date an android.

If you drop by Sommer's blog today and leave a comment, you'll be instantly entered to win an Android "Kiss of Life" lipstick pack. The kit contains Rimmel's Kate lipstick in the shade 111 Kiss of Life, and Sinful Colors nail polish in the color 1326 Get it On.

I hope to see you there!

Available now at Smashwords for only .99 cents.
How to Date an Android by Cora Zane. 

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