Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice Storm Intermission

Life is busy, busy. I'm trying to wrap up the end of my latest Werekind novella, and I'm reading a stack of books for both Net Galley and the Rita contest. I have a good mix of books, lots of different genres, and it's perfect weather for comfort reading.

We've had ice storms all week, and let me just say I'm so very, very thankful to all the men and women at Entergy who have kept our lights on. Usually if there's even a rumor of an ice storm heading our way, the power bites the dust. This year that would be painfully hard to deal with since we still have no official heating in the house. Only the electric heaters. We'd have to pack up and go to mom's if there's a power cut, and as much as I love my parents, I prefer staying home.

With all the storms, I've had this fear that the lights would go out, and I'd be without internet and a working computer - the important things in life, right? I have the laptop still, but I haven't charged it in months, so I'm pretty sure if I tried to fire it up, I'd get a fizzle and hear distant fairy laughter. Just in case, I've been writing in short, fifteen minute intervals to try to get the words out. I've reasoned that if I do it that way, should the lights actually go out, I wouldn't feel like I hadn't worked out the keyboard when I had the chance. Turns out that's a really productive thing to do. Now if only the end of my story would cooperate.

That's all for now. Wherever you are, I hope you're weathering the cold, the snow, and the ice as comfortably as possible. Until next time...

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