Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Cozy, Snowy Evening

Hubby and I went to the library today so I could return my books. In the lobby of the library, the staff had set up a painted gourd exhibit in the glass cases. I really have to give my local library props. They're always setting up new exhibits and showcasing local talent. The last time hubby and I visited together, there were exhibits from the Smithsonian set up throughout the library. Very cool. This time was different, it was set up only near the back doors. If I remember right, the display was strictly local artists. 

After I'd handed over my books over to the librarian, we went to Johnny's for the pizza buffet. By then it was noonish, and the temperature had begun to drop. The sky was gray but clear when we arrived at the restaurant. As for the food...King Cake Pizza. What a pleasant surprise. I could've boxed the whole thing and brought it home with me. It was so good.  

We were met by sleet and rain when we left the restaurant, but it wasn't sticking, so we dropped by the store on our way home for a pack of camping hand warmers. Hubby likes to take those to work with him and stick them in his gloves. Anyway, when we left the store, the sleet had stopped. I figured that was it and didn't give the weather another thought. 

Back at home, we put Sassie's new collar on her and settled in to our usual lounging places. The bus arrived a little earlier than usual, about 3:15, so I went to the door to greet MiniBeast. He bounded off the bus with this huge smile on his face. That is always a big plus for me. Big smile equals good day for everyone. I watched Mini run across the yard, and when he came crashing inside, he said, "Ermegerd isrt shnerr!" (Translated: "OMG, it's snowing!" LOL) I stepped outside, and sure enough, there were flurries.

Once it had accumulated a bit, I stepped outside and recorded a few seconds of the snow falling. I imagine much of the snow will be melted away by tomorrow afternoon, so it was worth doing. Anyway, the video quality isn't that great, I took it with my phone, but it was lush being outside in the elements. I love the whisper of snow falling. It's a shame we don't live where we can experience it more often.


  1. We have five feet of snow! LOL I wish ours would go away and never come back.

  2. Ours lasted til the next morning then it melted away, all except for a few patches in the shade out back.


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