Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Delete Your Myspace Account - Effective for 2013

My original Myspace profile
bathroom portrait,
aka Cora's first "selfie".
Ah, Myspace. The first social networking site I ever joined. I don't have a problem with the site, personally. However, I no longer use it or have a need for a Myspace account.

Since I recently got the rights back for many of my books, I knew I would have to log in and take down the old book covers I had displayed there. It seemed like it would be easier to simply delete my account.

So I logged into my account and spent over an hour trying to navigate the new site, which had changed dramatically during the span of six years or so that I'd been away. I couldn't find a tab for settings. On my profile itself, such a tab didn't exist. So, I went to YouTube to look up tutorials on how to delete my Myspace account. All the videos I watched said I needed to go to a non-existent settings tab.

With the help of Google, I found a Myspace Guide on the Myspace website itself. Just imagine the possibilities if that help page was easy to find! Well, now it is. Below, I've linked directly to the page that has the directions for deleting your Myspace account (tested effective as of December 10th, 2013):

Go here: https://www.askmyspace.com/t5/Guides/How-do-I-Delete-My-Account/ba-p/1079

When you arrive at the page listed above, you'll find a text link ("Settings" in blue typeface). That text link will take you to the account settings page where you can delete the whole shebang. Read the full guide page first, since the blue delete button isn't immediately visible on the settings page. You have to click the downward arrow to reveal it.

The full process is this: SETTINGS > Profile > Delete Account (toggle the downward arrow) > Delete Button 

Before you delete your account, Myspace generates a survey prompt. So don't panic if you receive a pop up. Simply click a circle and submit. Easy peasy.

If you've been trying to figure out how to delete your Myspace page, I hope this guide will save you some time and frustration. 


  1. I am not sure I can remember my log on for Myspace!

  2. I hope you don't have any trouble with it. Deleting the account is headache enough.


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