Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Werdsmith for iPod Touch - Writing On The Go

I'd be lost without my iPod Touch. I use it for everything. When I'm at home, it serves as my alarm clock, my recipe saver, my digital camera, my blogging platform, and my private diary. I have the Kindle app installed, which I use regularly. The notepad is currently chock full of information tidbits - notes to myself, fragments of dreams and other stuff I don't want to forget such as story ideas and research information. The list goes on. I even have a few tarot card apps for fun.

I recently read an article about an author who wrote her first novel using her phone. Since I usually carry either my phone or my iPod around the house with me, I figured it might be fun to find a writing app for when I'm away from the computer. I did some searching over at the iTunes App Store and tried out a few of the freebie writing apps. I'm still on the fence about using the iPod for more than just spontaneous writing fits, but if I find it to be a productive computer alternative, I'll probably end up downloading the app to my phone as well.

Currently, my favorite writing productivity app is Werdsmith. It's described as a portable writing studio. I'm using the free version, but there is an upgrade ($2.99), which is supposed to remove the writing limit. If I end up using the app a lot, I'll end up springing for the upgrade.

The free version is really nice. Simply slide your thumb down the screen to start working on a new project. You can also sort your work by projects versus ideas. To turn an idea into a project, simply give it a word count goal. You can then track your goal on the export page. Oh, yeah, I guess I should have mentioned that part already. You can export your work, no strings attached. I email my snips directly to my inbox.

On the export page, there's also a word counter to tell you how many words you've written, and how long it will take to read your snip. Or, you can skip exporting via email altogether. There are buttons to share and publish your work. At the moment, I'm not sure where the publish button sends your project. If you test it out, be sure to let me know!

When you update your profile on the app, from what I can tell, it gives you a profile page on the Werdsmith website where you can share samples of your work. I don't see myself using that feature, but it's there so I figured it's worth mentioning.

If I continue using this app, I'll likely end up adding it to my phone as well. I've been looking for a better way to write while in waiting rooms and while riding in the car, and I think I may have found it. ☺


  1. I use my Alphasmart for most of my writing now. I love how portable it is and that I can turn it on and off so quickly.

  2. I've heard several authors say good things about Alphasmart. I always end up jotting bits of story on my iPod or phone, then have to transfer the notes when I get home, so I figured an app might be a productive option for me. ^_^


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