Friday, November 01, 2013

Welcome to November :: National Novel Writing Month

quillsvilleIt's November 1st! Good luck all you NaNoWriMo folks out there! 

It's National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. Are you joining in the madness this year? I've participated several times. It's great fun. I'm going to be working on a side project for NaNo this year, but it will be off the record, since I really need to focus most of my attention on wrapping up a requested book. 

If you've never tried NaNoWriMo, I highly recommend it. It's really a good motivator, especially if you struggle to finish your works in progress. 

Visit to sign up for free. There is a message board where you can find others in your area or across your genre for "pep talks and support". Some areas even host "write-ins", where NaNo-ers meet up at designated locations and to do group writings, find local writing friends, and motivate each other to finish their projects. 

If you're participating this year, I wish you the best of luck. Remember, it's not about crafting the perfect book on the first go, but rather to get the book out of your head and on the page. It can be broken. It can be messy. You can clean it up later. Just write, write, write!  After a month of nose to the grindstone writing, it's immensely satisfying to type those two beautiful words every writer longs to hear - The End. 

I wish all the 2013 participants the best of luck. Happy Writing! 


  1. I'm trying it this year!

  2. Awesome! Good luck NaNo'ing. I'm doing a side project for it. I've only managed to hit the 50k once, so we'll see how it goes this year. ;)

  3. I'm also trying it this year! I don't expect to get to 50,000 but maybe it'll get me to write every day.

  4. Awesome! Glad you're on board, Nikki. I was wondering. I hope you stick with it. Maybe we can do a write in at the library. Let me know if you're up for that. Next year, I'd like to become a liaison for our area. I already qualify, but I didn't register for it soon enough.

  5. 1154 words yesterday!

  6. That's great, Nancy! I didn't get very many words yesterday. (Monday the 4th). Going to try again in the morning. Overall, I have roughly 3.5k so far.


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