Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaNo Panic and Word Tyrant

This morning I thought I'd lost 2,000 words on my current wip. I searched through my project folder and the file wasn't there. I was starting to really sweat it until I noticed a document caught up in a file full of recent pictures. I clicked it open and breathed a sigh of relief. I found my lost document. 

What's kind of funny is that I've been saying for a few weeks that I truly hate this book, that I hate even thinking about it. Motivating myself to work on it has been a chore. And yet, when I think I've lost a chunk of it, I find myself in panic mode. Um, yeah, time for a attitude adjustment, I think. Obviously the project matters to me or I wouldn't be so nervous about losing it. 

My goal today is to write 2300 brand new words. That will put me at the (approximately) 45% mark. 

I have so much story to go back and weave in, I'm kind of sweating it. At the same time, I'm determined to finish the redraft this month. Then I can spend December baking cookies, trimming the tree, and trimming the flab out of my story. First things first, I need to hit my targeted word count of 50-55k. 

I'm using an app called Word Tyrant to record my word count. It tells me how much I need to write per day to meet my goal, and more. As soon as I can take some screen shots, I'll post a thorough review. 

I used to have writing progress trackers on the sidebar of my blog, but my favorite site went dark in 2007. I still haven't found a comparable widget. The widgets available now are either too large, too clunky, don't allow enough customization, or they require you to remake the status bar every time you update your word count. Baloney on that. I went to the App Store looking for something better. Word Tyrant it is. 

Moving along...

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That's all I've got for now. I need to get going on this wip. I'm going to do two 1k1hr writings and see where that lands me.

Wishing you a happy day! 

Poor Kips. He didn't want his picture taken. It was too cold to be cute...or so he thought. ;o)


  1. I can't find the newsletter link...maybe I just need more coffee. Am I looking in the right place?

  2. Thanks for mentioning you can't find it, Nancy! I had a box on the front page, but it's not there now. Weird! I will fix that today. There's one on the news page. I linked it in the post, or you can copy and paste it from here: . Whew! I need another coffee myself. ^_^

  3. Hmm. I know I put it on the front page but it isn't there. Maybe some code absorbed it. I'll work on that today. There's definite a sign up box on this page :

  4. Whew! Okay, I have been working on this all morning and I finally wrangled the webpage into submission. Apparently you can't overlap some elements (newsletter code included). Heh. Thanks sooo much for letting me know there was a problem, Nancy!


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