Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cora's Picks: WordTyrant

This is the last post in my writing apps series. You can read about the 50k/30 writing app here. And you can read about Werdsmith here. (No pictures for Werdsmith article, sorry!) 

WordTyrant isn't for writing, per say. It's a word count tracker that you can use for tracking multiple projects. The pictures below are shown on my iPod Touch. It's available for iPhone and iPad also. The app costs .99 cents, and you can view the specs here:

Note: I do not receive any compensation for you clicking my links. The links are there simply for your convenience. I'm not paid to review any apps, nor am I an affiliate of WordTyrant, etc., etc. 

Of all the writing apps I've purchased recently, WordTyrant is my favorite. I've always liked having progress counters on my blog, but the website that hosted my favorite counters went dark many years ago. I have yet to find an easily customized word count widget for blogger that isn't too large, clunky, or drop dead ugly. So, I switched to using Excel sheets. Personally, I'm not a fan of Excel for tracking my word counts. I often forget to use them. So, I decided it was time to purchase an app. 

WordTyrant offers everything I need in word counter/tracker. I can track multiple projects, easily choose a monthly word count target, share my results via email and twitter, and I can link WordTyrant with DropBox to save my information.   

The splash screen. Hard to photograph!
Only lasts a couple of seconds before
switching over to the app's interface.

Once you're off the splash screen, you can view your overall writing stats, or choose a project and check the individual stats. The stats show you your total word count, your average words written per day, the words you have left to reach your goal, and the required wordage needed per day to reach your goal on time. 

You can track multiple projects. This
screen will show your overall progress.
Note the little message it gives me here:
Time to break out the coffee and
pull an all nighter. Heh.

See the four "dots" on the picture above? Beneath the fancy advice to pull an all nighter? That shows the number of graph options available to you. You can flick the black portion of the page to the left to reveal different graph options. See your progress on a bar graph or in a pie chart.

Click on a story title to view the
word count progress on that particular
story. You can tweet and/or email
your results.
I like the way WordTyrant shows you a percentage. This tells you how far along you are in your book, just like a traditional word counter. The word count for my cowboy story is shown as 40% complete. If you look at the overall stats page, it shows me at being 23% complete for the entire month. That's because I haven't worked on the Vamp story as frequently as the Cowboy story. This shows you where you're putting in most of your writing time. For productivity hounds, this is worth gold. You can see where you need to put in more effort. In my case, the vampires can wait until I'm finished with the cowboys. ;o) 

The settings page allows you
to link your work with Dropbox.
The settings page isn't overly complex. I admit I have no idea what the Name entry is for. Bucket? Other than that, most of what's present is intuitive. Do you want to create a monthly target? Toggle it on or off. Do you want to add a chart to your tweets? Toggle it on or off.  What is your target word count - click the "greater than" arrow/symbol and put in your word count goal. Beneath the Link with Dropbox section there is a white box that shows the version of WordTyrant you're currently using. I'm suing 1.1.1 (build #74)

This is what it looks like when you tweet your progress stats.

Overall, I love this app. It does exactly what I need it to do, and it keeps my stats very well organized. No more hunting for clunky widgets and word count Excel sheets that you have to swap out yearly. When you're finished with a project, simply save your stats to Dropbox or email them to yourself, then create a new project. I can see myself using this app for a long time to come.

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