Monday, October 07, 2013

New Release: A Trick of Light

A Trick of Light: Four Supernatural Short Stories is available now on Smashwords!

About the book

A Trick of Light is a collection of four supernatural short stories. Find out how an old letter puts a woman face to face with a spectral train. Read the lost diary of a family man forced to make difficult choices in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Witness a rebel angel's final battle against one of his own kind. A Trick of Light...where nothing is quite as it seems. 

Book page and buy link:

Price: .99 cents
Publisher notes: This is supernatural fiction, not a romance. 


  1. Cora, do you want to do a promo on my blog for your new book? Let me know.

  2. I'm always happy to promo with you, Nancy. If you'd like to do a post over at your blog, PM me on Facebook or email me. We'll set up something. Thank you for the offer!


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