Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween 2013! 

It's been a rainy mess all day. It was also SassiePup vet day, which meant we were stuck driving in less than favorable conditions. I heard Halloween in the Park was cancelled due to the flash flood warning, but we didn't drive into town to find out if the rumors were true. The roads were just too nasty to go a second round. 

When Mini made it home from school, we dressed him in his ninja costume and took him trick or treating around the neighborhood. Almost no one had any candy, never mind we have a swarm of elementary school aged kids on our street. Baffling, but whatever. Back home, we were prepared in the candy department. We filled up Mini's bucket and doled out boxes of Nerds, and watermelon flavored candy blood bags that came with glow in the dark vampire fangs. The rest we gave to the neighbor kids. Then we had to monitor the kids so they didn't chomp each other with the plastic vampire fangs. Seriously! 

Now that the hubbub is over, we're chillaxing and watching scary movies. Mini's movie pick - Christine. What can I say? He loves anything with cars in it. Once he's off to bed, I'm going to watch the original Halloween staring Jamie Lee Curtis and PJ Soles (LOVE her!). 

That's all for now. I'm about to slip into the kitchen and put a kettle on for some tea. If you celebrate the season, I hope you have a Happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain! 

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