Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Woods are Dark

Finally, I'm able to update my blog! I'm currently without proper internet, and to do anything online, I have to use my dad's cell. It will be another week or two before the net is back up, so I'm really just glad I have a way to check up on my pages and see what's going on. The only thing is that my data usage is limited.

Anyway, Trick of Light is ready to go. As soon as I have it uploaded, I'll post more about it. I have the Twilight's Edge collection left to finish up, which will be ready by the end of November, and after that I'll be getting the files together for Vampyre Night. Through all this, I'm also working on my cowboy story for Desire, trying to expand it to the targeted 50k. I've been very busy working to get these books out as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. It's slow going, but little by little it's all coming together.

I'm currently reading The Stake by Richard Laymon. I love his writing style. It's very straight forward, no frills, but still he manages to dig deep with his characters. A lot of his books have rape in them, which I don't care for but I deal with, so I can't recommend him for every reader. However, there is a lot to be learned about characterisation, using setting as character, and sustaining tension from reading his books. Ressurrection Dreams is my favorite Layman novel, but I also liked the restored version of The Woods are Dark. I read it in one sitting a couple days ago.

In The Woods are Dark, there is a lot writers can learn from his first chapters, such as the way he starts the story in media rez with no backstory. We readers are simply put in the car with Neala and Sherri, and we figure out the laws of the story world right along with them. And in the restored edition of the book, you are taken for a similar ride with the Lander Dills family. Readers are gradually introduced to the characters, we grow to either like them or not within the first fifty pages, then we are carted along right with them as the author drags them through hell.

The Woods are Dark has a vague ending, but it was pieced together after the author's death. I still recommend reading it as a good example of characters staying true to their characterization throughout a novel--and while facing horrible circumstances.

That's all I have for today. I will try to blog again soon. I downloaded the blogger app for android so maybe that will help. Poor Dad, when he gets his phone back, he's going to have all my standard use apps on here. Hehe. That's all for now. Until next time, I wish you a happy weekend!

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