Sunday, September 01, 2013

Another Year Older

And that would be a box of paperclips on
my desk back there, in case anyone might
be wondering.
It's September 1st. Holy cow. That means there are only four months left of 2013. Not that I won't be extremely glad to kick this year out the door when that time comes. It's just I thought I'd have so much more accomplished by this point. Guess that means I better pick up the pace if I want to have a new story to show for by the end of the year.

At least I'm feeling better. I worried the cold Mini shared with me last week was going to linger around for a while. Gotta love those back to school germs. Last week I had fever and chills, and did nothing but sleep for about three days. We were going to put off my birthday party because of it, but by Wednesday I was feeling well enough, so we went on to Mom and Dad's for the party. Instead of a cake this year, I told Mom I wanted ice cream and a huge pan of brownies. It was soooo good. No regrets there. And yes, the brownies are history. They had a really short life span.

Oldest's birthday is the day after mine, so it was a little strange to have a birthday party without him there. We've always shared our birthdays, cakes, parties...just had one big family celebration, so it didn't feel the same this year. I cried about it on and off for a day or two; I'm sure being sick didn't help, but I did manage to tell him happy birthday through Facebook.

At least this year, I wasn't bawling about turning thirty-eight. When I turned thirty...well, that was another story entirely. I guess that means 38 is a neutral number. No age crisis required.

I'm down to the last mile on this supernatural short story. I wanted to have it finished by the 28 as a birthday gift to myself, but sleeping for three days nixed that idea. So, I'm playing catch up. I want to rewrite the epilogue, but for the most part, all the chapters are in place, and I only have two chapters left to clean up. Then it will be ready to compile. As I've said before, this is the last short story in the Trick of Light collection. As soon as I get this beast wrapped up, the collection will be ready for Smashwords. *fainting couch* Not much longer now. I can see the light at the end of the project tunnel.

That's pretty much it for the moment. I'm trying to wrap up loose ends so I can start rewriting the Desire novel. That's going to be my next bugbear. And as always, I'll be sharing my hair pulling experiences as I go from first draft to finished product, so if you're interested in that sort of writerly thing, keep checking back.

Before I end this post, a quickie eye shadow picture, since I haven't played in makeup for a while. I don't buy a lot of drug store eye shadows since they tend to be chalky, but I saw a pretty Cover Girl shade called Turquoise Tempest in the store and couldn't resist. It looks gorgeous in the pan. For a drug store shadow, I'd say it's worth the three dollars.

It's kind of sheer and a little chalky, but if you use a primer, you can build up the color better. No fall out to speak of. For max color impact, layer it over a base color. In my picture I'm wearing it layered over black pencil liner and blended out along the lash line. On the rare occasion I wear colored eye shadows, they tend to be greens, but I can see myself wearing this Turquoise Tempest every now and then.    


  1. Happy (belated?) Birthday!!!!

  2. Thanks, Dee! It was Aug 28th, but never got around to blogging about it.


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