Friday, July 05, 2013

Neighborhood Nostalgia

Charlie likes lounging on the back of my
desk chair.
I hope you all had a cozy Fourth of July. We didn't celebrate much since hubby had to work. Instead, I stayed home with Mini and we lounged around the house and ate nachos.

Speaking of "house", I recently learned that a house in my old neighborhood is for sale. The house is a saltbox Victorian on a corner lot, and it looks exactly the same as it did back in 1983/84 when I lived on the lower rent end of the street. I do mean "exactly". It doesn't look like it's been painted or updated in any way. There are no pictures of the inside of the house, either, which tells me the inside probably mirrors the outside - functional. Not shabby, but definitely in need of cosmetic fixes.

Since then, the city has put in a big public library and a major hotel about a block away from that Victorian house. The last time that house came up for sale, it was maybe $400,000?  I nearly fainted when I saw it had gone back up for sale and that they now want $1.4 million for the place.

I went to the ERA website, and noticed that there is a generous amount of land the house is parked on (one full acre in the center of town). That's also when I noticed the primary cause  for the ridiculous price jump. Because of the library/hotel/location, the  house has been rezoned as commercial/industrial property. It might be rezoned that way, but other than a bed and breakfast across the street, that has always been a residential neighborhood. What a huge downer. I imagine now some company will come along and snap up the property for the prime real estate, then tear the house down and build an office or a franchise there. So sad. Why would they ever rezone the historic district? Oh, wait. Money. Isn't that always the reason?

Sometimes I think if Mini was grown, I'd want to move back to my old neighborhood. It really wouldn't be the same though. I still have family in the area, but I have no real ties to the area anymore since my grandparents died. Still, we all have friends there and we're familiar with the city, which has everything you might need for an area that size. Also, the college is right there. Moving back is something hubby and I have talked about over and over. Every couple of years, we talk about it. We just paid off our house here, though, so it boils down to nostalgic thoughts, I'm afraid. At least for the time being. Who knows what the future might bring?

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