Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cat Tails And Summer Writing Project Updates

July 14 - Charlie Cat using
me for a tail rest.
Can you believe it's already the middle of July?  The summer is going by way too fast. I have been busy, busy, busy, which makes the time seem to go by that much quicker. It doesn't look like my schedule is going to be easing up anytime soon, so I've got to start incorporating more play time into the family routine. Mini will be back to school before we know it.

Hubby's work schedule changes from week to week, so we never know what days he's going to have off until right before they happen. It's hard to plan anything that way, and he won't accrue enough time to take a paid vacation until next summer. Boo. Hiss.

We recently took Mini out for dip cones, and yesterday he went with his grandparents to a church party. The church staff rented a bouncy water slide and they set up games and stuff for the kids. Mini likes that kind of event, but it's not the same as going places and having fun with Mom and Dad. I get that. Maybe a trip to the water park is in order. That's about all we can afford right now. That, and dip cones.

Writing is going well at the moment. There are days the words come a snail's pace, but I'm making progress. I currently have about 40k on a deliciously erotic vampire story, and I recently turned in galleys for a super sexy mechanic tale. The mechanic story is a short anthology piece. I'll post more about that one when I have a cover to share. I also have a supernatural short story collection called A Trick of Light almost ready to go up on Smashwords. I'll be posting the cover and blurb very soon for the collection, and the book itself will be available online within the next two weeks. The ebook version will arrive at Smashwords first, but there will also be a paperback edition through Amazon.

July 11 - Mini playing Angry Birds
on my iPod. Thunderstorms cut
the power, so we decided to hang out
with the door open. I love the
lighting in this picture.
At the end of July, Harlequin is having a pitch session across several of their category lines, so I signed up to pitch. I think the deadline to sign up is the 15th. I'm not sure, but the rules are on the community forum if you're interested in signing up. Just go to the eHarlequin website for details. I'm very excited about the opportunity. I read a lot of Harlequins, and I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well with this pitch. I'd love to write for them!

Hubby will be home shortly. I thought I'd take time out to blog before the guys get here and the house gets loud. Once they're here, and they get settled, I have to run to the store. Then I'll be back home and ready to dive into the editing/crit projects that are waiting on me. Whew! There's a lot to do, and daylight is burning. I'm off for now. I hope you're having a fantastic weekend. Peace, and happy wishes! ♥ 

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