Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Low Stress and the Super Full Moon

It's another lazy summer day. Late yesterday I played in the water hose with Mini, then went to the store to pick up ice cream. The name of the game these days is simply to keep things low stress.

Today marks the first day of the Mercury retrograde. It's going to last until July 21st, I think. Maybe the 22nd. I don't have the dates right at hand, but it's one of those dates. About a week ago, I kinda figured something like that was coming up when our washing machine started going on the fritz and a lot of old friends started popping up to say hello. All very out of the blue.

Anyway, I don't have a whole bunch going on right now. I'm gearing up for the Harlequin pitch coming up in July, and I'm also doing a bit of study reading.  I'm also revising a novella.

Before I call it a day... Today's pictures are from either June 22 or June 23 - the night of the super full moon. Both are a bit fuzzy, but I like the artsy fartsy look of them anyway. The 2nd one with the weird rainbow gradient flash image is my favorite. I didn't realize I'd activated the flash. I like the way it came out. The arc at the bottom of the image isn't my finger, for once. It's a dust mote that was on the lens. I noticed it when I took a picture of mini and the same mote appeared near the same spot. I wiped the lens off on my T-shirt, and voila! No more arc. Shiny dust. Maybe from fairies. I mean, why not? ☼

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