Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Summer Day :: And SassiePup

Yesterday the guys and I visited my mom and dad for Father's Day. We ate hot dogs, ice cream, and cake. It was all very low key and relaxing. When I left for home, hubby was lounging in Mom's recliner and looking very sleepy. He had to work yesterday afternoon, so he left from my parents house instead of coming back home then leaving again.

Mini stayed the night with gram and grampa, so this morning I woke up to an empty house - just me and the dogs. Hubby woke me up to say goodbye before he left for work this morning, but I fell asleep again and didn't wake up and start my day until 9.

I've been working since I got up. Mostly I'm reviewing notes, sketching out scenes, and getting my plot points in a row so I know who my characters are and who is supposed to be doing what. A few days ago, I wrote myself into a corner as far as setting is concerned, so I had to make some adjustments there. Even with those few changes, for the most part everything is going well. I'm at the point that I know what I want to happen between the characters in this story. I know how it begins and ends, it's just a matter of moving everyone around on the stage in a believable way that is also true to who they are personally.

This evening I have revisions to do - not fun, but necessary. Especially if I want to have a new release before the summer is over. I've only sold two stories so far this year. I'm a little disappointed about that, but c'est la vie. I can only do what I can do.

Before I go, I'm currently reading Fine Tunic Fiction by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. The ebook is only 140 pages, but there is a lot of complex information to absorb. And do mean that about the complexity of the information. This isn't easy reading, so it's taking me longer to work my way through it. I'm on part three of the book, and so far, I'm impressed by what I've learned. (It's my understanding that this ebook comes from a workshop she gave years ago.) Anyway, I'll post a review about the ebook over at Goodreads once I've finished reading it.

That's all for now. Today's picture is from about two weeks ago. I forgot I took pictures of Sassie Pup while taking her for a walk around the yard. I caught her right as she spotted a squirrel in the neighbor's yard and stopped to watch. She is rarely still, and often her pictures come out blurry from fidgeting and tail wagging. When I found these pics on my iPod, I was surprised to find one with my girl composed and alert. The picture above is my favorite from the lot. She's absolutely still and focused - a rare moment for her. ♥

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