Saturday, June 22, 2013

10 Things - My Weekend To Do List

Bath? Bath? 

10 Things - My Weekend To-Do List
  1. Move the dresser so I can mop underneath it. 
  2. Bathe the dogs.
  3. Finish my art project - due Sunday afternoon. 
  4. Set up a vet appointment for SassiePup.
  5. Shred this towering pile of old bills on the edge of my desk.
  6. Write at least two chapters.
  7. Thorough bathroom cleaning. (After bathing dogs!)
  8. Visit Mom and Dad.
  9. Tackle the mountain of laundry in utility room. 
  10. Reward self with chocolate heaped upon more chocolate and sprinkled with extra chocolate.
My weekend in a nutshell - busy with a stellar chance of chocolate. Now to make it happen. 

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