Friday, May 03, 2013

Very Merry Month of May :: Dreams of Ganesh

Can you believe it's May already? I'm preparing myself for a wild ride. May is always one of the busiest months of the year for me. Both of my parents, and Mini have birthdays this month. School lets out for Mini, and I have to get my test scores and stuff to get together for registration at Delta. I also have a short story to rewrite and turn in this month. Oh, and tomorrow we're going to set up an appointment to have SassiePup spayed.

All that, just for starters. I imagine tons more will pile on before mid-month. Not sure why that is. May, August, and October. Killer months for me every year.

This weekend I'm going to focus on the rewriting that short story. It's 80% finished, but I want to completely rework the beginning, which has been giving me fits. If I can't get it to work, I'll scrap the entire thing and start from scratch. That may actually be the easier way to go about it. We'll see.

Whatever happens, my goal is to have a thorough, readable draft by Sunday night. That way, I'll have plenty of time to let the text settle. Then I can read and re-read and make any necessary changes before submitting the piece late next week.

Mini has had the stomach flu for the past three days. He came down with it while at school, and hubby had to drive in from out of town because he couldn't reach me on my phone. My brand new effing iPhone. Apparently the voice mail wasn't set up. Anyway, Mini's been home sick for several days now. He seemed to be doing okay yesterday afternoon, then last night he woke up around two in the morning and barfed all over the couch. Thank god for leather furniture. I will never ever go back to cloth furniture. I say that in my most honest mom-voice. Cloths, suede, tweeds, etc. are just not durable enough for this family. I'm mean, seriously. Barfing on the couch. Thanks bunches, kiddo.

Hubby's off work today. It's the first full weekend he's had off since he started his new job. What's he doing right now. Sawing logs. It's about two in the afternoon and he's zonked on the couch, snoring the house down. Now that's how you celebrate a Friday off, ladies and gentlemen.

One more thing before I close, last night I had a strange but happy dream. I was a character (myself) in a video game. Mini was there with me. We were looking at this lush, green forest and there was an Aztec like temple off to our left. High on this mountain side to our right, I could see many gold coins shining in the sun. There was no way to physically reach them.

I pointed the coins out to Mini, and he said "Mom, you've just completed this level, pick your prize." He pointed toward the temple, which had changed somewhat. I saw there was now a floating emblem above it. With a simple thought, I could change the emblem as if I were "scrolling" through a prize menu.

The emblems reminded me a little of the icons for map destinations over at Neopets, although they were not at all cartoon like. They were very realistic. I sorted through the emblems, and when they began to repeat, I settled on the one I liked best. It was the one I most easily recognized. It was Ganesha sitting on top of a small temple base. A sort of statuette. I didn't know what the symbol meant, or what it was being offered, but I chose it and the emblem began to glow. A tiny black door opened at the front of the temple, and all the sudden it felt like I was begin pulled forward, and then there was this sensation of falling through space. Of passing quickly through a tunnel of darkness. When I came out of the darkness, I was on the hillside overlooking the forest. I'd landed right in the middle of the gold coins. I knew my was limited, so I began to collect the coins by pressing invisible buttons (as if I was holding a game controller). I could hear the coins as I gathered them, and I called out to Mini, and to husband and my parents - who were suddenly with me. "Press the buttons, quickly!" The amount of coins being collected sounded like rain falling, there were so many. I was aware that somewhere there was a score meter recording every coin. Mini began to cheer. He said, "Mom, you beat the high score!"  Woohoo! As soon as he said that, he vanished from the hillside, then my parents and hubby, then I had this sensation of floating away.

The dream shifted, and I was in the backseat of my parent's car. Dad was driving. Mom was in the passenger seat. I was in the back seat with Mini. Hubby had gone on back to work, or was driving the Jeep back home. It wasn't clear to me. I was celebrating with Mini over what we had won. I was thinking how I had won enough money to pay off our debts, pay off my parent's house, and pay for school. What a marvelous feeling.

The car stopped at an intersection, and as Dad waited for the traffic to clear so he could turn left, I realized we were on the new stretch of highway outside of town. To my left I could see there was road construction under way. In the past road construction dreams always filled me with dread and anxiety. But I recognized immediately that construction indicates a road or pathway to the future being built. The ground work is being laid down, the foundation for the future.

I woke up in a very good mood. I told Mini about the dream since he was in it, and he was jazzed that it had been a video game dream. I'm rather jazzed it had Ganesha in it. The lord of success and wealth, and the destroyer of obstacles. If the universe is offering, I'll accept the help with gratitude. :o)

That's all for now. Happy weekend, everyone!

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