Saturday, May 18, 2013

Purple Flower Saturday and Revising Draft 2

Hubby had to work this morning, so I stayed around the house until he had to leave for his shift. Afterward, I took Mini to stay with his grandparents - my mom and dad. They'd asked me last week to bring him over on Saturday. So, I packed up his bags around 10 a.m. and took him over there.

 Mom called while I was driving. She was off grocery shopping and wanted to let me know that no one was home. I guess she had a feeling I was probably on my way there - she was right! ;o) Dad had Mom drop him off at a car show across town, and she planned to pick him up on the way back to the house. In other words, they were gonna be a while.

Mini gave me a flower. 
It was no big deal. Mini and I flopped on the couch and watched Johnny Test with Whele the dog (pronounced: Wheelie), until they made it home. After they arrived and put away their groceries, I visited with them for a few minutes then I drove back to the house. I didn't want to stay gone too long, since JakeDog was still in the fenced yard when Mini and I left home. I worry about him digging out and getting the neighbors in a tizz. The neighbor's daughter's jerk of a boyfriend has threatened to run over our dog if he spots him out of the fence. (Never mind two of the neighbor's female cats had their kittens in my house - kittens which are still here, btw. There is a bed of kittens in Mini's room, and a bed of kittens in the master bedroom. We've taken the cats to the neighbors several times and they don't take care of them. The cats simply carry the kitties back to the laundry room every time. So be it.)

Everything was quiet when I made it to the house. The crittermals were fine; they greeted me enthusiastically when I walked through the door, although it's possible they were more or less happy to see the rice crispy treat with little rainbow chocolate chips on it I was holding. But I digress....

I've been home alone ever since. Earlier, I made beds, baked a pizza, and worked on a short story. I'm going to add a few more words to the final scene and that should wrap it up. As is, the story is pretty much complete, but I feel like I could smooth out the final love scene a little more. And maybe add more dialogue.

Sometime tonight, I'm gonna try getting a few pages out of my (mostly) dead printer. Good luck to me. I hate feeding a page in at a time and forcing it to print. But that's the only way I can get it to work - sometimes. The printer tends to jam even on a single piece of paper, and it glops the ink on the scroll bar inside the casing - the bar that makes the paper move through the machine. Then again, sometimes the printer won't even wake up. Yes, I know. I'm a writer, and I should invest in a new printer. Soon. Until then, I'm going it the hard route. It can't be helped.  I revise much better on hard copy.

That's all for now. I'm going to turn on the outside light for hubby and get back to work. Once I have the draft passable, I'm going to sit in the den and read. Possibly put on a zombie movie, too, since Mini isn't home to freak out about it. Ha! 


  1. What type of printer is it, Cora? Just wondering because my Epson all in one printer is doing the same dang thing. I finally got it sorta kinda fixed by realigning the printer grabber thingies with a screwdriver. Good luck with the story and the printer.

  2. I have a Dell V305 All-In-One printer. I bought it the same time I ordered pinkie laptop. The printer has lasted a while, but now it grabs the entire ream of paper and pulls it through - OR - it won't grab the paper at all.

    I guess I'll have to open the casing and look at the grabbers. Maybe there's a way I can realign and tighten them.


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