Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Couch Gremlins

In an hour I'm heading over to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day - and my dad's birthday, which fell on the 10th. We had planned to go over there and celebrate on Friday, but Mini had the stomach flu last week and managed to give it to me. In order to keep from spreading the plague to my parents' house, we decided to make a rain check and have a visit over the weekend when (hopefully) everyone would be feeling better.

I'm at 85% and determined to go see everyone, even if I can't stay very long.  Hubby is going with us, but he has to work so he'll be leaving right after lunch. Boo. At least we'll all get to be together for a while, which is all that really matters.

Moving along to writerly things... on Friday, I finished the final story for the Twilight's Edge erotic faerie tale collection.

At this stage, the collection is roughly 60k, and I imagine it's going to take me a while to edit it properly - and I mean that as proofread it front to back, make changes, and then hire an editor to go over it for me. I plan to publish this book as both an ebook and print on demand paperback. I have no idea when I'll have that ready, but I'll post more about it as the project progresses.

Last night, I got word that the lineup for the upcoming Cleis Press erotica anthology Shh! Don't Tell Anyone...Erotic Fantasies about Sexy Occupations (edited by the awesomely awesome Alison Tyler) has been posted at Trollop with a Laptop. I have a kinky mechanic story in this book. It's called Body Work. I'll post more about the anthology once I have a release date and cover. Until then, if you'd like to check out the list of stories and authors included in the book, you can see them here.

That's all the new news. I have a few projects I'm working on right now, stuff I've got to get out the door quickly. We'll see how that turns out. I'll hopefully have more good news coming soon.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, those living and those who've crossed over. And whether you're a mom or not, I hope your day is full of peace and good memories.

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