Friday, May 24, 2013

Kitties, Lights Out, and Revisions

Little Explorer Kitty

I couldn't get her to look
at the camera. She was
too busy toddling
around on Mini's bed.
It's after two a.m. already. Where does the time go? I put Mini to bed a few hours ago, and that's when the kittens woke up and began mewing and trying to climb out of their basket.

This is a nightly routine and I haven't been able to sleep well because of it. The kitties are now big enough to climb out of the laundry basket where they've been nesting since they were born, and they take great delight in toddling through the bedroom and getting in tight corners, under the dresser, and under the bed.

Tonight their escape attempts were such a problem I took the huge laundry bucket - the one I use as a hamper and drag into the laundry room before I do clothes - and I made the kittens a new bed out of it. They were do a bedding change anyway.

The laundry bucket is big enough for me to sit in, and it has tall, slick sides and a wide opening at the top so the kitties can get full air. Safety first. They can't climb out of it, so that's the big plus. Now I can at least rest knowing they won't get under the treadmill and get hurt.

I have no idea where Mom cat is at the moment. She hasn't abandoned them, but she doesn't nurse them as much any more. I have to feed them now and give them diluted evaporated milk or they cry during the day. Next week, I am going to start finding homes for them if the neighbors don't come for them or let us know something. Hubby left a note on their garage door this evening.

We've taken Mom cat and the kits to them twice, but they don't take care of them like we do. Honestly, I think they just moved the cats into the garage and forget about them because, well frankly speaking, taking care of kittens is a lot of work. I can see them viewing the cats as troublesome and inconvenient, although not enough of an inconvenience for them to get the girl cats fixed so they won't breed more kittens. Hubby and I have done what we can do. We're not made out of money and can't afford to have every neighborhood animal spayed and neutered. And we can't afford to feed and keep all the neighbor's pets because they won't take care of them. If the local shelter would come out to take the kits, I'd call them. But we live too far outside of the city limits for the shelter to get involved.

Anyway, it's pointless to take the kittens back to the neighbors if they don't have anyone to give them a furever home. Mom cat always drags the kitties back to our house. I find them in the laundry room every time, so I might as well keep them in the basket until they are old enough to be given away. Still it pisses me off that these are the neighbors with the douche bag daughter boyfriend that threatened to plow down our dog if he saw him out of the fence. I swear, if that boy ever opens his mouth to me, they'll have to stitch his tattered shreds back together after I dig my claws out of his face. But I digress...

Most of the kittens are ready to be parted from Mom cat. They love human interaction and they'll eat a thin mix of mashed potatoes out of a bowl. Earlier tonight I fed the little gray-nosed kitten - we've been calling her Smokey - some evaporated milk mixed with warm water. She seems perpetually hungry. The evap milk is all I've got on hand, but it filled her tummy and quieted her down. She prefers to be held rather than sleeping with the others but I can only do so much. And I really don't need to get attached to them anymore than I already am. Anyway, I bounced Smokey a bit, gave her lots of coos and snuggles, then put her back in the kitty bed with her sisters and brothers. She'd rather sleep in the bed with me. I had to do that three nights ago during the storm. She was crying and crying, and it was the only way I could get some sleep. That said, they're in the bucket now snoozing. Sassie Pup is currently on watch over them. She loves to watch and sniff the kitties. Go figure.

Three days ago storms blew in and knocked out power in several parishes. The lights went out right after I'd gotten Mini out of the bath. I lit candles throughout the house, settled the animals down, and told Mini to pack a bag. It was hot and well after dark, so I thought I'd take him over to my mom's so he could rest in the air conditioning. But when I called to check in with my parents, their lights were out too. I put Mini on the couch with a storm lantern (it's like a regular lantern, but battery powered with several settings and a pulse light for road emergencies), opened the front and back doors to let the breeze in, and Hubby kept him company. Since the guys were back and forth to the patio, I went to my desk and revised a scene I'd printed hours before the black out. Once I'd done that, I stayed in my office reading Barbara Michael's The Dancing Floor with a book light hubby bought me for my older generation Kindle.

Mom called around midnight and let me know their lights were back on, so I went ahead and drove Mini over there to stay the night. Lights out doesn't bother me as long as there is a breeze. Mini is spooky, and I knew he wouldn't rest until the lights were back. I made the right choice hauling him over there, because the lights didn't come on at 6 a.m. like the emergency hotline stated.

I came back home after dropping off Mini and went to bed. Sassie Pup and I slept near the kittens. Hubby slept on the couch to catch a breeze. The next morning, after hubby dashed off to work, I waited around for the lights to come back on until the house got unbearably hot. Around noon I pulled on a tank top and some shorts and went to Mom and Dad's house and stayed there in the blessed air conditioning. I'm far too domesticated for all this heat and humidity, I swear.

Hubby made it home from work around 2 and the lights were still out. I had dozed off in the recliner at mom's and hubby woke me up around 4 when called to let me know the lights were finally back on. Mini stayed another night at his gram's and I went back home to catch up on the classwork I'd missed while the power was out. I'm pretty much caught up on everything. I need to do more revisions on that short story, but   it will have to wait until after Mini's birthday on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to go the rounds and pay bills. I also promised to take Mini to the library. I might as well since I have books to return. Best to take care of it before the birthday rush sets in anyway. Next week I have a lot of revising and editing to do.

That's all for now. I better hit the sack. Happy Friday, everyone!

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