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Review: Body Fantasies Vampire Midnight

I've been meaning to blog about the Vampire Midnight perfume box set since Christmas. (2012) I bought the original Vampire (red) perfume two years ago, and I use it a lot. The red version is a soft, sweet, floral kind of smell. You can smell the alcohol when you first spray it, which is common with drugstore perfumes, but the alcohol smell fades within a few seconds, so it's not bothersome. The top notes are floral (possibly jasmine or magnolia essence) and faintly candy-like. I love it. For $15 you can't go wrong.

Like I said, I'm down to about half a bottle of Vampire (red), and the red blood vial for carrying in a purse or clutch is half-full also. I wear this perfume all the time - after getting out of the bath, to go grocery shopping, when I go to RWA meetings, when visiting friends and my parents. It's a nice daily perfume. For comparison with Vampire Midnight (purple bottles), I've included pictures of the original Vampire (red) below. 

I bought Vampire Midnight right before Christmas (2012). The price is marked on the box. (Yes, I paid for this with my own money. No one sent me any products.) The gift set comes in a plastic box with an interior tray. It's easy to open. The tray slides right out. A picture of the back of the box is included in this photo set. The perfume bottle is shaped the same as vampire red - like a blood "tear shape". The main bottle is 1 FL oz/29ml, and the purple blood vial is 5 FL oz/14ml. The same size as the original Vampire perfume.

Vampire Midnight has that same initial alcohol spritz, but that wears off quickly. The top notes smell like blackberry currant and a faintly candy scent. I love it. I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this perfume. Just like with Vampire (red, original) the scent wears down quickly. It doesn't have a lot of staying power if you put it on your wrists. I tend to spray this stuff direction on my shirts and sweaters so the scent stays longer. Honestly, I wish this stuff came with an additional sachet for putting in my sweater drawer. I really like it. 

Unboxed. The price tag reads $14.84, doesn't include tax.
(purchased at Walmart)
Plastic slider tray straight out of the box.
Both tear shaped bottle and blood vial pop
right out. 

Vampire Midnight compared to the original Vampire.
Same size. Same bottle. Different color. The bottles
are comfortable to hold when spritzing. No clunky
sprayers on these!

The "blood vials". For carrying in your purse or clutch.
Pull the tops off and spritz. Also, the spritz tops can be removed,
so you can reuse the vials.

 I love, love, love these. Note: the blood vials aren't
available at every store. They may be an Xmas exclusive/
store exclusive. I'm not 100% sure.

That said, I've discovered not every
box of  Vampire/Vampire Midnight perfume comes
with a blood vial. If you don't see a vial through the plastic
packaging, you won't find the blood vial tucked behind the
half-graphic covering the box. 

Vampire Midnight bottle and vial compared to the
original Vampire (red). In my pictures the purple
vial appears larger than the red vial. That's just
because of the odd camera angle. The vials are
actually the same size.

From the back of the box. Toward the bottom
corner, not visible in the picture, there is a website url:

There is a webpage for Vampire perfume here: 

The perfume can be purchased directly from the website. Please note: I am not an affiliate of Fragrance Rebel or Parfums de Coeur (tm). I don't receive anything for you clicking on my links, or purchasing through the company's website.  

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