Monday, April 22, 2013

On My Mind

JakeDog and Sassie McLassie
I haven't posted since last Wednesday? Seriously? I tell ya, time has been slipping away from me lately. For one thing, I've been very busy with school prep. My financial aid came through a few days ago, and I'm now trying to get everything together I'll need for pre-registration. I'm barf-tastically nervous about it all. I have this great fear I'm going to forget something important, or that I won't be able to find the books I need, or that my computer will crap out on me once classes start. I won't even get into the issues I've had with my net connection lately. That's one battle I'd rather not relive.

Mini's out this week for Spring Break, and he wanted to spend a couple of days with my parents, so I made the arrangements with my Mom and drove the boy over there this morning. I'm back home, and while I'm alone in the house, I'm trying to catch up on necessary stuff. I also want to do a big writing push this evening to move my book forward. I'm so ready to kick some of these projects out the door. Make no doubt about that.

Sometime this week I'm going to go to the DMV to straighten out some stuff with the car and Jeep registrations. Remember when I said I was having issues with the car insurance last month? I had to make multiple trips to our agent's office, and I paid my insurance bill three times before they got the darn thing right. Well, I finally got that all straightened out, but before the offices/agents could corroborate that they'd ironed out all the problems there, the issue trickled down to the Baton Rouge office. So, the state shows that I don't have any insurance on my vehicles. *head desk* They're threatening to invalidate the registrations on both the Jeep and the car because of lack of insurance. Never mind both vehicles are insured and I have the necessary paperwork in both cars this very minute. Nevertheless, I have 30 days to straighten out this crap with Baton Rouge or they're killing my registrations. Sounds like a bunch of crap to me, but it is what it is. I'm pretty sure it won't take much doing to give them everything they need to verify that I have insurance on both vehicles, it's just a major pain in the patooey to deal with the DMV. At any rate, I'm blaming the Feb/March Mercury retrograde for all this trouble. That's when this mess started, and here I am months later, still digging my way out of it.

We have an appointment in May to take Miss Sassie McLassie in to be spayed. I'm wondering how I'm going to arrange the house for her aftercare. This has been on my mind so much lately, a few nights ago I dreamed I came home from the store to find my house looking like a tornado had ripped through it. I couldn't tell one room from another.

When we had DivaDog (RIP) spayed three years ago, we put her in the master bedroom while she healed, and I did all my writing back there. I'm not sure how that's going to work out with so much classwork on my hands, but that's looking like the only option for the moment. I'm trying not to over think it, because I'll start to stress out about it, and Jeez only knows what that will lead to. A bunch of furniture rearrangement, probably. Room swapping. No. No. And no. I do not need that right now. I don't need to be the tornado ripping up my house.

That's pretty much everything that's going on with me right now. I need to take advantage of the house being quiet while it lasts. So, off I go to make a dent in my wips. Oh, and before I forget, Happy Earth Day. If you have time, check out the Google Doodle for the day. It's really cute. :o)


  1. Sending ((hugs)) and hoping all will work out for the best. You know where I am if you need help with college-related stuff, or just need a shoulder for crying on, goodness knows your shoulder is prolly still soggy from my meltdown three years ago. lol

  2. Thanks, Cass. ((hugs))


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