Monday, April 08, 2013

Nothing To Do

I have a paper to revise and submit this week, so it feels like there is this constant timer running. The class I'm taking is large and not very well organized, and I seriously do not cope well with that kind of disorganization. I spent so much time last week trying to find the place to submit my work I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown before I finally stumbled upon the submissions page. And when I did find it, that's when the internet decided to cut up on me. Typical, right?

I made it through with hours to spare, but the thought of repeating last week's hunt and dash has had me on edge. I definitely have to turn in my paper a few days ahead of schedule in order to avoid a repeat. Simply speaking, I'm not cut out for that kind of last minute pressure.

Last night I dreamed I was trying to navigate a maze in the dark, and through it all, I knew I was running out of time. I woke up restless, and antsy - a feeling that pretty much followed me through the day. I know I dreamed it because of class. I've been obsessing over the syllabus schedule all weekend. There was all this information just plopped there for us to sort through, but it's not explained very well. I had to really hunt for what this week's assignments are, and discovered I'm not the only one confused about the overlap.

Anyway, there are two projects to work on this week. I'm going to try to finish them off as early on as possible. I have RWA this weekend, and I have to attend so I can update the others on my situation. I've seriously got to start scaling back. It always seems like there is this huge to-do list I'm facing. No matter how much work I do, it's never whittled down quite enough so that I can relax. It's like I'm puddle jumping from project to project. I have to start managing my time better.

After I put Mini on the bus Monday morning, I spent most of the early hours of the day watching lectures, then I broke to work on the fairy book around noon. As it stands, I have two stories completed. I'm working on the third story now, which has required a lot more research than I thought it would to get the settings and details straight. I don't mind the research, but it does eat into my time. I've started writing around certain scenes and leaving place markers to add in some things later.

If nothing else, I'm in my comfort zone working on this story. The characters are especially appealing. I've had their story in my head for a while, and since I'm constantly thinking about them I figure it's time to set them free.

Moving on to books.... I'm currently on page 89/187 of Kat Cantrell's The Things She Says. (Harlequin Desire, March 2013) Once my paper is finished, I'll probably sit down and read the rest in one sitting. So far, a very good book. If I have time this weekend, I'm going to stop by Books A Million in Bossier and see if they have the April Desire books out. Jeez, I wish these distributors would stop mucking around and just stock the darn books already.

It's almost midnight, so I better to go bed. I have to be up early tomorrow to get Mini on the bus and start reworking my paper. Wish me luck!


  1. Cora, what are you getting your degree in?

  2. I'm working on an Associate of Arts transfer degree.


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