Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Connectivity, Projects, and Writing Reviews

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Holy cow, I'm online. For the past few weeks I've had some serious connectivity issues, but I think I've finally worked out all the kinks. Today I did some maintenance on the home network, and afterward, I was actually able to add my new iPhone to the home wireless. Once hubby gets home, I'm going to try to reconnect his iPod Touch to the network also. We were using it to test the connectivity a few days ago, and our network basically locked out his device. What a headache!

That said, now that the overall system issues are taken care of, I'm sure I won't have any issues reconnecting the iPod, but I don't have the pass for the device, so I gotta wait til the man gets home so he can bring up the settings screen for me. Anyway, for the time being, I seem to be getting booted off the net less than usual. A big yay to that. I've got my fingers crossed the problems have finally been fixed.

This week has been very busy. Honestly, it seems like it should be Thursday, or even Friday, already. Then again I've been chomping at the bit waiting for Spring Break to arrive. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Earlier today I finished a series of peer reviews I had to write up, and tonight I have to play catch up on several lectures as well as a create a sketch for my next project draft. My own personal writing projects are going okay. I have to schedule my time more carefully, but I'm still managing to get in a word count every day. Yesterday I wrote 2k words on TVP, a work in progress that I started late last year. The book is currently sitting somewhere between 43-44k words in length. I'm going to write at least 1k on this story before bed tonight. If I have time, I'm also going to make a pass over one of the short stories for Twilight's Edge.

Moving along... Let's talk a little about books. When I get a spare minute to think through everything I want to say, I'll be reviewing the How to Write Erotic Fiction and Sex Scenes (Lister, A.) guide that I recently rated 5 stars on Goodreads. (I'm kind of bogged down with assignments right now!) Hey, ya know what? That reminds me...

Speaking of reviews, I had someone ask me recently why most of my reviews are 4 or 5 stars, and the way they phrased that question made it seem like I am not being honest in my reviews. I want to take a moment to address that head on while I'm thinking about it.

I buy and read a lot of books, both print and digital. I'd say the majority of those books never get a mention on my blog or on my Goodreads. Of course there are books I dislike. I have written about a few of them. Very few. I used to review books and let the dirt fly because it was expected of me to do so by the company I was reviewing for. However, since I'm no longer reviewing professionally, I eventually came to the decision that I'm not going to spend all my hard-won free time writing negative reviews about books I didn't like - especially since I don't have to.

To quote Shit My Dad Says - "You don't go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit." That's exactly how I feel about book reviews - both when reading them and writing them.

I'm not saying negative reviews don't have a purpose. I'm saying after all these years of buying books online, I came to the realization I personally don't go to review sites looking to find a shitty book. I want to find a good book, and that's why I look for reviewer names I recognize and trust and read their positive reviews. If people who I know have the same taste in fiction as I do rate a book positively, I know chances are that I'm gonna like that book too. That kind of review helps me make a purchasing decision. That's the only reason I'd read a review in the first place.

That said, if I'm going to write about a book on my personal blog, why would I continually write about books I don't like, especially when I can just toss a bad book aside and read something else?

So, yes. Most of my book reviews - both here on my blog and on my Goodreads - are positive. Call me lazy, but I have very little desire to waste my time writing about a book that isn't worth recommending to my friends and readers.

Moving along, moving along...

I'm currently reading the Kindle edition of Relentless Seduction by Jillian Burns (Harlequin Blaze, Dec. 2012). I'm not very far into the book yet, but I kind of wish I'd bought the print version for this book so I could leave annotations in the margins. Yes, I'm one of those evil people who write in their books.

I say I should have bought the print version, because I have this accidental habit of highlighting passages I don't intend to highlight on Kindle, and I have no idea how to remove the marks. Me and technology. What more can I say?

I'll post again when I have new news. As for right now, I'm hungry, and Mini's waiting to play a board (bored) game. That's all for now. Candyland here I come!

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