Saturday, April 13, 2013

Books, Phones, and When Cats Attack

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to Mini and the cat started yowling to come inside. This is nothing unusual for us, so he went to the door, and when he opened it, the cat leaped on Mini and began shredding his legs. In the blink of an eye, Mini's smile turned into grimace of pain and he started shrieking. I ran to the door, but by the time I made it across the kitchen into the dining area, it was over. Mini was bleeding from dozens of cuts and puncture wounds. All in all, the attack lasted maybe 10-20 seconds. 

I took Mini to the bathroom, held a washcloth on his legs until the bleeding stopped, then cleaned and put Neosporin on his wounds. We used up an entire box of Angry Birds band-aids and still we hadn't covered everything. Once I got him settled on the couch, I found an old bottle of Amoxicillin in the fridge and gave him 400 mg to try to stave off any bacterial infection he might've picked up from the cat. I texted hubby and waited. 

Mini seems to be doing okay, but the cat will have to find a new home. I don't trust him in the house anymore, especially since the cat has always slept at the foot of Mini's bed. In the meantime, the cat can go into the laundry room to eat. I leave kibbles back there because the neighbor's outdoor cats come over daily to chow on some food and often sleep on my deep freezer. If they can make it living out back and in the laundry room, our cat can too. 

On a brighter note, I finally have a new phone. It's a white iPhone 4. My old phone died, so I've been borrowing my dad's LG for the past few months. The LG has gotten me by in a pinch, but it's just not a reliable phone. My messages would go to voice where they'd be eaten. I'd never receive them. What a pain. So at least now I can send and receive messages, and call out if there's an emergency. Yesterday, when the attack happened with Mini, I texted hubby on my desktop through Twitter to let him know what happened. Imagine if that had happened somewhere outside of home? I'm glad to have a phone again. 

I'm tempted to get an olloclip lens for it.

Today before hubby had to leave for work, I took dad's phone back and set it up for him. Before I left the house, dad called once and got disconnected. He also left me two messages. My uncle was over there, so I figured he wanted me to bring something over. Dad called me again right before I left out of the house to ask me to bring over one of my bass guitars and amplifiers for him to play with. So, I went back in and bagged the purple Daisy Rock Heartbreaker that has a chip on the body, and a practice amp and lugged it over there along with the phone. I'd just gotten the stuff in the trunk when Dad called again. 

"Hey, do you have any iodine?" This, from Dad.
"Why, what happened?" 
"David got spider bit."
"When? Just now?" My first thought was to tell him to go to ER. 
"No, not now. A few days ago. But the bite looks really bad. So, do you have any iodine?"

I took them the bottle of iodine, and after seeing the spider bite, I still vote he should go to ER. All that aside, I have a feeling I'm going to be hearing from dad a lot more now that I have a phone that actually works. 

Once I left Mom and Dad's house, I drove to the store to pick up something for lunch before hubby had to leave. When I'd left the house, he'd said he was going to take a nap on the couch before going in. I had to be back in time to wake him up. While in the store, I dropped by the book section and saw they were carrying the Harlequin Desire books for April. Yay! 

I picked up Catherine Mann's Playing for Keeps, and Kathie DeNosky's In the Rancher's Arms, which is another book in the Rich, Rugged, Ranchers multi-author series. (You can find both of those books through Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Books A Million.) 

To read the review for Joan Hohl's Beguiling the Boss, (Harelquin Desire, March 2013, a Rich, Rugged, Ranchers book) just scroll down the page, or go here: .

Since we're on the topic of Rich, Rugged, Ranchers, this time Harlequin hit the mark on the cowboy covers. I highly prefer the casual cowboy look. And by the way, this looks like it's going to be a fantastic read. I'll be rating it on Goodreads, and reviewing it here once I've read it. Soon. 

A cowboy cover done right!
That's all I've got for now. It's Saturday night, and I'm going to celebrate by curling up with a good book. I'm currently at the halfway point in Ashley Lister's How to write Erotic Fiction and Sex Scenes. So far, this is a stellar book. I plan to do a write up on this book in the next week or so. I'll post again once I have new news. 

Happy weekend! :o)

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